Army Men RTS Cheat Codes for Gamecube

The cheat codes on this page are for the version of Army Men RTS which is for the Nintendo Gamecube. Unlike the Action Replay codes on my website; these codes are entered during gameplay. While you're in the middle of a Campaign Mission, Great Battle or Special Operation hold DOWN on the D-Pad and enter which ever code you'd like to use from the list below.

Hold Down on the D-Pad while entering the code - release Down after the code is entered.


Instantly grant yourself 5000 Plastic - Y X B A Y B

Instantly grant yourself 2000 Electricity - Y B X A Y A

Your units do more damage and take less damage - B B A Y A B

Change your Army's color - B Y B B A X

Dump Trucks gather more resources - B B B Y X A

Enemies are harder to defeat - Y Y A B Y Y

Para-troopers drop down in Camera view - X B X B Y Y
This code can only be entered once per level