007 Nightfire Cheat Codes

This is the index page for all of my 007 Nightfire Guides for the Nintendo Gamecube. This page is designed to be very google friendly; if you're stuck and googling to get past a certain part of the game that's what I am here for!


007 Nightfire Cheat Codes

In James Bond's 007 Nightfire there is a cheat code menu built into the game which you can input codes into. These aren't the same as Action Replay codes and can be used without that device. Also these codes are good for both UK and US gamers.


PASSPORT - Level Select Code

Q LAB - All gadget Upgrades

GAMEROOM - All multi-player Options

PARTY - Unlocks all Multiplayer Characters

AU P2K - Golden P2K

AU PP7 - Golden PP7

TRANSMIT - Uplink Mode

GUARDIAN - Protection Mode

TNT - Demolition Mode

PHOTON - Laser Mode

TARGET - Assassination Mode

SLEEPY - Tranquilizer upgrade

SESAME - Decrypter upgrade

P2000 - P2K upgrade

LIFTOFF - Grapple Upgrade

LAUNCH - Car Missle Upgrade

ZAP - Stunner Upgrade

MAGAZINE - Sniper Rifle Upgrade

BLASTOFF - Unlock Countdown Level

POWDER - Unlock Alpine Escape Level

BONSAI - Unlock Double Cross Level

TRACTION - Unlock Enemies Vanquished Level

PARADISE - Unlock Island Infiltration Level

HIGHRISE - Unlock Night Shift Level

MELTDOWN - Unlock Sniper Level

VACUUM - Unlock Equinox Level

FLAME - Unlock Phoenix Fire Level

AQUA - Unlock the Deep Descent Level

BOOM - Explosive Scenery in Multiplayer

TEAMWORK - Team King of the Hill in Multiplayer

SCOPE - Assassination Mode in Multiplayer

ORBIT - Goldeneye Strike in Multiplayer

BOWLER - Unlocks Oddjob in Multiplayer

NUCLEAR - Unlocks Christmas Jones in Multiplayer

MIDAS - Unlocks Goldfinger in Multiplayer

CIRCUS - Unlock Miss Galore in Multiplayer

ASSASSIN - Unlocks Scaramanga in Multiplayer

DENTAL - Unlocks Jaws in Multiplayer

BLACKTIE - Unlocks Tuxedo in Multiplayer

VOODOO - Unlocks Baron Samedi in Multiplayer

ZERO G - Unlocks Bond Spacesuit in Multiplayer

SLICK - Unlocks Electra King in Multiplayer

BADGIRL - Unlocks Mayday in Multiplayer

BITESIZE - Unlocks Nick Nack in Multiplayer

MARTIAL - Unlocks Wai Lin in Multiplayer

HEADCASE - Unlocks Renard in Multiplayer

JANUS - Unlocks Xenia in Multiplayer

BLIMP - Unlocks Max Zorin in Multiplayer

NUMBER 1 - Unlocks Drake in Multiplayer


Driving & Rail Mission Unlockable Codes

These codes can be entered during any of the games' driving or rail missions. For all of these codes you'll need to hold the left shoulder button on the controller and then input a specific combination of button presses. The combinations and what they unlock are below.

Don't forget!! Hold the Left shoulder button while entering the code and then once it's entered release the left shoulder button!


Extra Powerful Bullets - X, X, X, X

Berserk Racing - B, Y, Y, B, Y, X

Double Armor - X, Y, B, X, X

Triple Armor - X, Y, B, X, X, X

Quadruple Armor - X, Y, B, X, X, X, X

Secret Race - X, X, B, B, Y

Red Shelby Cobra - R, R, L, L, Up

Security SUV - B, X, Y, B, Y

Trails - B, X, X, B