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Virtua Fighter Kids Guides & Walkthroughs

Virtua Fighter Kids is a unique spin-off of the popular Virtua Fighter series, released in 1996 by SEGA, a Japanese video game company. Unlike the other Virtua Fighter games, Virtua Fighter Kids features a distinctive chibi-style art style, with cute and exaggerated character designs of the original Virtua Fighter characters. The game retains the 3D fighting gameplay mechanics of the main series, but with simplified controls and gameplay that are more accessible and suitable for younger players.

Virtua Fighter Kids features a roster of eight fighters, each with their own unique moves and fighting styles, but with cute and humorous animations and exaggerated facial expressions. The game includes multiple game modes, including arcade mode, versus mode, and training mode, and it also features mini-games and unlockable bonus content. Virtua Fighter Kids received mixed reviews for its departure from the realistic art style of the main series, but it was praised for its charm, humor, and accessibility for younger players. It remains a curiosity and a unique entry in the Virtua Fighter franchise, offering a lighthearted and playful take on the iconic fighting game series.



Virtua Fighter Kids Action Replay Codes (USA)

Virtua Fighter Kids Action Replay Codes (Japan)