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Resident Evil - All Items In Chest Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay Codes that I have available for Resident Evil, a game for Sega Saturn. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easy by accessing a tab on the toolbar; those of you playing on a physical Sega Saturn will have to use an actual Action Replay device instead.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Resident Evil Guides and Walkthroughs index and choose a different section.



All Weapons In Inventory Box At Start Of New Game

D02F867C 00A0
102F877A 030F
102F877C 040F
102F877E 060F
102F8780 070F
102F8782 0A0F
102F8778 050F
102F8776 080F
102F8774 090F


Crate of Goodies

D02F867C 00A0
102F8724 0BFF
102F8726 0CFF
102F8728 0DFF
102F872A 0EFF
102F872C 0FFF
102F872E 10FF
102F8730 11FF
102F8732 12FF
102F8734 46FF
102F8736 47FF
102F8738 48FF


All Items In Chest (Set 1)

102F8724 3DFF
102F8726 41FF
102F8728 06FF
102F872A 07FF
102F872C 08FF
102F872E 09FF
102F8730 3EFF
102F8732 13FF
102F8734 14FF
102F8736 15FF
102F8738 16FF
102F873A 17FF
102F873C 18FF
102F873E 19FF
102F8740 1AFF


All Items In Chest (Set 2)

102F8742 1BFF
102F8744 1CFF
102F8746 1DFF
102F8748 1EFF
102F874A 1FFF
102F874C 20FF
102F874E 21FF
102F8750 22FF
102F8752 23FF
102F8754 24FF
102F8756 25FF
102F8758 26FF
102F875A 27FF
102F875C 28FF
102F875E 29FF


All Items In Chest (Set 3)

102F8760 2AFF
102F8762 2BFF
102F8764 2CFF
102F8766 2DFF
102F8768 2EFF
102F876A 2FFF
102F876C 30FF
102F876E 31FF
102F8770 33FF
102F8772 34FF
102F8774 35FF
102F8776 36FF
102F8778 37FF
102F877A 38FF
102F877C 39FF


All Items In Chest (Set 4)

102F877E 3AFF
102F8780 3BFF
102F8782 3CFF