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Off-World Interceptor Guides & Walkthroughs

Off-World Interceptor is a vehicular combat video game released in 1994 by Crystal Dynamics for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics, a renowned video game company known for their work on various platforms. In Off-World Interceptor, players control futuristic vehicles as they race and battle through post-apocalyptic landscapes, chasing down enemies, and completing missions to save the planet from an evil corporation. The game features fast-paced gameplay, arcade-style controls, and a variety of weapons and power-ups to use against opponents. Players can upgrade their vehicles and customize their weapons to enhance their combat abilities. Off-World Interceptor is notable for its action-packed gameplay, unique vehicle designs, and immersive environments, making it a popular title among fans of vehicular combat games.



Off-World Interceptor Action Replay Codes (USA)