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Enemy Zero Guides & Walkthroughs

Enemy Zero is a survival horror adventure game that was released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn. It was developed by Warp, a Japanese video game company known for their unique and innovative titles. The game features a unique gameplay mechanic where players navigate through a space station as Laura Lewis, a security officer, who is being pursued by invisible alien creatures. The game's defining feature is its reliance on audio cues to detect the presence of enemies, as the creatures cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Players must use audio cues and their wits to survive and progress through the game's challenging and atmospheric environments. Enemy Zero is known for its suspenseful gameplay, immersive audio design, and intriguing storyline, making it a standout entry in the survival horror genre.



Enemy Zero Action Replay Codes (USA)

Enemy Zero Action Replay Codes (Japan)