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Bug Too Guides & Walkthroughs

Bug Too! is a 3D platformer video game developed by Realtime Associates and released for the Sega Saturn console in 1996. It is a sequel to the original Bug! game, featuring the same protagonist, Bug, a charismatic insect who embarks on a new adventure to save his friends and defeat the evil Queen Cadavra.

The game features colorful graphics, quirky characters, and a variety of levels set in imaginative and whimsical environments. Players control Bug as he navigates through platforming challenges, solves puzzles, and battles enemies using his unique abilities and power-ups. Bug Too! also introduces new playable characters, each with their own special abilities, adding depth and diversity to the gameplay. With its vibrant visuals, fun gameplay mechanics, and humorous tone, Bug Too! offers an entertaining experience for fans of 3D platformers and Sega Saturn enthusiasts alike.



Bug Too Action Replay Codes (USA)