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Xenosaga Episode II - Have Key Item Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Xenosaga Episode II (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Xenosaga Episode II Codebreaker Codes index page and choose a different section.


Decoder 01: C3E0302B A71B2B96

Decoder 02: 8ED17B26 A91AD24F

Decoder 03: 8041DB52 F3084187

Decoder 04: EBD32C9C 31835CD9

Decoder 05: D0BB4FF6 24AC2367

Decoder 06: CE0D1E6C C4AA196F

Decoder 07: 07B405EC 0F06C96A

Decoder 08: E4EED6EC BA6BA2C1

Decoder 09: D9F150D8 CD4A4120

Decoder 10: 4AED0C94 55C9B8AF

Decoder 11: DB5F4862 EB6F9982

Decoder 12: 5AA5B5FC EC882824

Decoder 13: E3C5000D C23ECBE5

Decoder 14: 03155027 1E104DB4

Decoder 15: 3B0699AF B2AEA179

Decoder 16: 3D1BDEE7 1F521A0A

Decoder 17: C5D62E3D 2DAD9814

Decoder 18: FCD82737 7492A051

Love Letter: 43618844 976F8203

ZAZA's Clue 1: 3C6D8C36 B1C8946B

ZAZA's Clue 2: FFBE63F8 F5A9CD66

ZAZA's Clue 3: CC86FEC9 0EB333EA

ZAZA's Clue 4: CC48E865 6B196604

ZAZA's Clue 5: BBB23D9D CC61E5D0

ZAZA's Clue 6: 70276EA9 D0CAD609

ZAZA's Clue 7: 94322C80 01AEF0E4

Spode Letter: C43EC882 CC1B832F

Heart Letter: 49434834 E6FAD4B6

Club Letter: 9DDC18F1 75839C24

Diamond Letter: 897B5F3B FA566B7C

Facility Key: 3F8E1B98 882BE3E0

Stella's Shoes: 90580422 08BEB157

Stella's Hairpin: 9A1F745F 143C1BD3

Stella's Scorset: 97C4F360 62C13759

Water Tank A Key: 87EB7696 DAF224FB

Water Tank B Key: D4D809A7 B004A722

Spring Seed: 44BA27E3 F0DC4666

Summer Seed: CC01A8EC 4C4A0969

Autumn Seed: 9044E7C1 B86741C9

Winter Seed: CA0B46FC EEFFFB2F

Power Battery: 425E28F0 08785E9B

Sequencer A: 19B08B96 3BA247FD

Sequencer B: 42ADDDEC 83D83211

Sequencer C: 4A1ACDFA EC643292

Sequencer D: D09EDFF3 9DC701C6

Wedding Ring: 4FE84F4F 9A323E5D

Engagement Ring: 5D38311A 921E0DFC

Hyper Fertilizer: 7D4000E6 BBA510AC

Vault Key: 27751665 03CBEC3D

Secret Box: FE19898D 43B56D1B

Curry Recipe: 4C452795 A8A90B5A

Teddy Bear: 52E787D8 039FAB3F

Memory Locket: D4887DA5 A874ED5F

Music Box: 5E6A4C6C 221C9AB5

Entertainment Guide: 1F7FE68F 2D4A4DFE

Rules Of High Society: EB1A14EC 5DB88C71

Blue Maid Uniform: EDDFAE6B 1F058331

Pink Maid Uniform: D8EB7237 9AE24EDA

Black Maid Uniform: D34CE0A0 2C0AE7B4

Aqua Maid Uniform: EBF9338D FFC61C5B

Statue Blueprint: 44C382ED 9279C374

Pink Book: 02B4BA76 DDE870E3

Free Play Token: 945DBC84 BD80DE99

Toy Store Key: 9637D4F4 CF3F920F

Red Eye Fish Print: 66B2A840 91D7BA56

Iron 4 Sheet Music: 97939EA4 0224C31B

Unlock COde: 4F0C5525 2E834675

King's Key: E031EBA8 E8C39D53

Geriatric Swimsuit: A505713F 5523AE18

Sidney's Letter: B3596BA7 28C72DA9

Robot Part Right Arm: 387874E4 94321F03

Robot Part Left Arm: 7770618E C3CCCA5A

Robot Part Right Leg: 6E172054 F965BF5F

Robot Part Left Leg: 723FF8D1 59C94147

Robot Part Head: 0A2846D0 110281BB

Robot Part Body: D0C7030D C2F74608

Secret Key 1: 61311B55 AAEE53CD

Secret Key 2: E1DF756B E8FB727C

Secret Key 3: 25FBAB53 86DC5DBC

Secret Key 4: E3F06C80 8641FD72

Secret Key 5: E5E8B3FE 1918FB8A

Secret Key 6: A716ADFA EEE27A68

Secret Key 7: 71D649A8 922ECC2F

Secret Key 8: 05BB862A 18FC616C

Secret Key 9: 63D720E1 849D0F39

Secret Key 10: 601C32EB 77B31731

Secret Key 11: 67865D3B 2D2ED9D7

Secret Key 12: 14680797 386B63FA

Secret Key 13: 44757EDF 5F7EA0DB

Secret Key 14: B3E5693D 39E3743E

Secret Key 15: 01211F20 0C426000

Secret Key 16: 5F4C5CBA F54EB3EF

Secret Key 17: C02EFBAA 09842C32

Secret Key 18: B309195E D96136F6

Secret Key 19: 4C77A5EF 66E7604C

Secret Key 20: 4C6AC390 FD118FD9

Secret Key 21: A908C166 0E0A3293

Secret Key 22: FA9A429C 6FAE24FD

Secret Key 23: D793295E 033F4A2D

Secret Key 24: 946E33F0 DB040E60

Secret Key 25: CFC44741 C9BB0AC0

Secret Key 26: C6F65472 568239B5

Secret Key 27: 74D99B27 08F80D27

Secret Key 28: E6DDACE1 8D01F40B

Secret Key 29: 61E0C855 28B2901F

Secret Key 30: 65579BDB 372B4315

Secret Key 31: F7A37D10 C2B30A08


All Key Items

F6EB886B 013E90E2
F7A37D10 C2B30A08