MLB 11: The Show Action Replay (USA)

This page contains all of the available Action Replay that I have for MLB 11: The Show (USA), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my MLB 11: The Show Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

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Infinite RTTS Career Points: 0x20FC46D0 0x3405270F


Left/Right Handed Batter Modifier

0xE001425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210139D0 0x3C1600??


Pitch Selection Modifier For CPU Pitcher

0xE001425C 0x0110FFC8
0x212382A8 0x340200??


Fast Play Always On

0xE001425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210C2694 0x34020001


Hidden Pitching Camera Option Modifier in Road To The Show

0xE001425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210C27F8 0x340200??


Changing Batting Camera

0xE001425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210C27F8 0x9082000D


Disable Homerun Camera

0xE002425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210C2950 0x30420000
0x20FA5518 0x10000010


Max Out Stat On Road To The Show Training Screen

0xE002C225 0x00E311DC
0x20E31878 0x34040000
0x20E31244 0x34050063


Can't Make Contact

0xE003425C 0x0110FFC8
0x2110F814 0x10800027
0xD0000001 0x10000080
0x2110F814 0x1000001B


CPU Pitcher Throws To The Middle Most of the Time

0xE004425C 0x0110FFC8
0x21109794 0xACA00000
0x2110979C 0x46006306
0x2121FE6C 0x3C06427E
0x2121FE74 0xAC8600B0


60 FPS

0xE001425C 0x0110FFC8
0x20F072C8 0x34050000
0xE0010438 0x00F8FBC4
0x20E62854 0x34100001
0xE0013B12 0x00F8C3AC
0x20F8C3B8 0x34050001


Every Pitch is A Walk

0xE005425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210030C4 0x14800004
0x20FF86F8 0x10440005
0xD0000002 0x10000020
0x210030C4 0x00000000
0x20FF86F8 0x10000005


One Ball Or Strike Equals 3 Strikes

0xE005425C 0x0110FFC8
0x210030C0 0x92040014
0x20FFB020 0x8E050024
0xD0000002 0x10000100
0x210030C0 0x34050001
0x20FFB020 0x34050003


Always Contact

0xE007425C 0x0110FFC8
0x2110F8B4 0x8E240000
0x2110F8C4 0x34050010
0x2110F8E8 0x10400029
0xD0000003 0x10000200
0x2110F8B4 0x34040004
0x2110F8C0 0x34040004
0x2110F8E8 0x00000000


Increase Game Speed

0xE008425C 0x0110FFC8
0x212036C4 0x30840000
0x211BF524 0x30C60000
0x20F2159C 0x10400005
0x20F21628 0x3C043D08
0xD1348D92 0x00000080
0x20F2159C 0x00000000
0xD1348D92 0x00000080
0x20F21628 0x3C043DA8


Always Hit Doubles

0xE00A425C 0x0110FFC8
0xD0000009 0x10000020
0x2110F8B4 0x34040004
0x2110F8C0 0x34040004
0x21112F84 0x3C044300
0x21112F88 0x44847800
0x21112F90 0x3C04C390
0x21112F94 0x44847800
0x21112F9C 0x3C04C390
0x21112FA0 0x44846000
0x2110F8E8 0x00000000


Always Hit Homerun

0xE00B425C 0x0110FFC8
0x20001000 0x3C0909B5
0x20001004 0x85288D90
0x20001008 0x31080010
0x2000100C 0x11000004
0x20001010 0x34084300
0x20001014 0xA6280086
0x20001018 0x21088000
0x2000101C 0xA628008A
0x20001020 0xC62C00BC
0x20001024 0x0A644BF9
0x21112FDC 0x0A200400


Ball or Strike Equals 3 Outs

0xE00F425C 0x0110FFC8
0x2110F814 0x10800027
0x210030C0 0x92040014
0x20FFB020 0x8E050024
0x20FFB028 0x14B30021
0x20FA822C 0x10000060
0x21001760 0x24450001
0xD0000005 0x10000040
0x2110F814 0x1000001B
0x210030C0 0x34050001
0x20FFB020 0x34050004
0x20FFB028 0xAE050020
0x21001760 0x34050003
0xD0000002 0x10100080
0xD0000001 0x10000080
0x2110F814 0x1000001B


Change Playoffs Seeding to 2012 Format

0x20001200 0x26B5FFFF
0x20001204 0x8C92000C
0x20001208 0x2645FC18
0x2000120C 0x04A00003
0x20001210 0x8C850004
0x20001214 0xAC920004
0x20001218 0xAC85000C
0x2000121C 0x8C92001C
0x20001220 0x2645FC18
0x20001224 0x04A00003
0x20001228 0x8C850014
0x2000122C 0xAC920014
0x20001230 0xAC85001C
0x20001234 0x0A5E3EE6
0xE0010438 0x00F8FBC4
0x20F8FB90 0x0A200480


Replace Replay Option With Fast Forward Option in Pause Menu

0x20001030 0xAFA00000
0x20001034 0x3C0608B7
0x20001038 0x24C6BF30
0x2000103C 0x14C50007
0x20001040 0x3C0609B5
0x20001044 0x84C68D90
0x20001048 0x30C64000
0x2000104C 0x10C00003
0x20001054 0x3C0508B7
0x20001058 0x24A5BE7C
0x2000105C 0x0A64C202
0xE005425C 0x0110FFC8
0x21130800 0x0A20040C
0x20F5521C 0x00000000
0x20F5523C 0x34040000
0x20F55250 0x34040000
0x20F5EC80 0x34040009


Team Winner When Simulating in "View Today's Games" Window in Season Mode

0xE0130438 0x00F8FBC4
0x20001700 0x3C0C08A1
0x20001704 0x918CFF6B
0x20001708 0x908A0001
0x2000170C 0x340D003F
0x20001710 0x158D0002
0x20001714 0x00AA402A
0x20001718 0x11000004
0x2000171C 0x340D00BF
0x20001720 0x158D0007
0x20001724 0x00AA402A
0x20001728 0x11000005
0x2000172C 0x00A05821
0x20001730 0x01402821
0x20001734 0x01605021
0x20001738 0xA0850004
0x2000173C 0xA08A0001
0x20001740 0x24E7003C
0x20001744 0x0A5FB25B
0x20FEC964 0x0A2005C0


Always Contact Groundball

0xE014425C 0x0110FFC8
0x2110F8B4 0x8E240000
0x2110F8C0 0x8E240000
0x21112F80 0x460C7300
0x21112F84 0xC62F0080
0x21112F88 0x460C7BC2
0x21112F90 0xC62F0084
0x21112F94 0x460C7BC2
0x21112F9C 0xC62F0088
0x21112FA0 0x460C7B02
0xD000000A 0x10000020
0x2110F8B4 0x34040004
0x2110F8C0 0x34040004
0x21112F80 0xAE20009C
0x21112F84 0x3C040000
0x21112F88 0x44847800
0x21112F90 0x3C04C230
0x21112F94 0x44847800
0x21112F9C 0x3C04C200
0x21112FA0 0x44846000
0x2110F8E8 0x00000000


Fast Forward A Half Inning During Gameplay

0xE015425C 0x0110FFC8
0x20001490 0x3C08088D
0x20001494 0x25087F80
0x20001498 0x920900CC
0x2000149C 0x910A003B
0x200014A0 0x112A0002
0x200014A8 0x4600A306
0x200014AC 0x4614603C
0x200014B0 0x0A695995
0x20001500 0xA080016C
0x20001504 0xAFBFFFFC
0x20001508 0x3C0409B8
0x2000150C 0x3C080975
0x20001510 0x25086364
0x20001514 0x0100F809
0x20001518 0x8C84AEB4
0x2000151C 0x8FBFFFFC
0x20001520 0x03E00008
0x20001524 0x34020000
0x20F650BC 0x0A200540
0x20F66F44 0x00000020
0x2125664C 0x0A200524


Your Team Always Wins When Simulating in Season Mode

0x20001280 0x3C08099C
0x20001284 0x8D087F08
0x20001288 0x90890004
0x2000128C 0x908A0001
0x20001290 0x908B0002
0x20001294 0x908C0005
0x20001298 0x910D0043
0x2000129C 0x118D0005
0x200012A4 0x116D0008
0x200012AC 0x1000000B
0x200012B4 0x012A402A
0x200012B8 0x15000006
0x200012C0 0x10000006
0x200012C8 0x0149402A
0x200012CC 0x11000003
0x200012D4 0xA08A0004
0x200012D8 0xA0890001
0x200012DC 0x90850004
0x200012E0 0x0A5FB258
0xE0030438 0x00F8FBC4
0x20FEC958 0x80850004
0xD0000001 0x10008000
0x20FEC958 0x0A2004A0


Change Team in Season Mode

0xE01D014D 0x01021250
0x20001580 0x3C080999
0x20001584 0x8D087944
0x20001588 0x8D080008
0x2000158C 0x15000017
0x20001590 0x3C0B0880
0x20001594 0x256B1570
0x20001598 0x916C0000
0x2000159C 0x340D003F
0x200015A0 0x3C0808A1
0x200015A4 0x9108FF67
0x200015A8 0x150D0008
0x200015AC 0x340D00BF
0x200015B0 0x110C0006
0x200015B4 0x340A001E
0x200015B8 0x20420001
0x200015BC 0x004A082A
0x200015C0 0x14200002
0x200015C8 0x34020000
0x200015CC 0x150D0007
0x200015D4 0x110C0005
0x200015DC 0x2042FFFF
0x200015E0 0x04410002
0x200015E8 0x3402001D
0x200015EC 0xA1680000
0x200015F0 0xA0820043
0x200015F4 0xA0820045
0x200015F8 0xA0820046
0x200015FC 0x0A6085E2
0x21021250 0x0A200560


Press Select to Simulate When in Schedule

0x20001100 0x94900010
0x20001104 0x32130100
0x20001108 0x12600002
0x2000110C 0x34100140
0x20001110 0xA4900012
0x20001114 0x94900012
0x20001118 0x32130004
0x2000111C 0x0A56398E
0x20001180 0xAFB301C8
0x20001184 0x8FCA70C4
0x20001188 0x8D4A0000
0x2000118C 0x954A0012
0x20001190 0x314A0100
0x20001194 0x11400011
0x20001198 0x02055020
0x2000119C 0x92072BB5
0x200011A0 0x34090002
0x200011A4 0x10E9000D
0x200011A8 0x24E7FFFF
0x200011AC 0x00E74020
0x200011B0 0x01484021
0x200011B4 0x95080454
0x200011B8 0x15090004
0x200011C0 0xA2072BB3
0x200011C4 0x0A61DC57
0x200011C8 0x01402821
0x200011CC 0x24E7FFFF
0x200011D0 0x00E0082A
0x200011D4 0x1020FFF5
0x200011DC 0x0A61DC49
0xE0040438 0x00F8FBC4
0x20D8E630 0x0A200440
0x20D8E634 0x00000020
0x2107711C 0x0A200460
0x20E359A8 0x34050001