Wipeout Pure CWCheats (USA)

This page contains all of the available CWCheats that I have for Wipeout Pure (USA), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my Wipeout Pure Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

If you're using the PPSSPP Emulator and trying to figure out how to get these codes to work you're in luck! Check out my How to Use PSP Codes on the PPSSPP Emulator Guide for more information about exactly how to get these codes working in your game.






_C0 Infinite Energy
_L 0x012CCE36 0x000000C8
_L 0x00286656 0x000000C8


_C0 Low Game Play Time
_L 0x08E72124 0x00000000


_C0 Low Multiplayer Play Time
_L 0x08E7213C 0x00000000


_C0 Low Single Race Play Time
_L 0x08E72128 0x00000000


_C0 Low Time Trial Play Time
_L 0x08E7212C 0x00000000


_C0 Low Tournament Play Time
_L 0x08E72138 0x00000000


_C0 Low Zone Play Time
_L 0x08E72130 0x00000000


_C0 Max Autopilots Absorbed
_L 0x08E72194 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Autopilots Used
_L 0x08E7216C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Bombs Absorbed
_L 0x08E721AC 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Bombs Used
_L 0x08E72184 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Bronze Medals Earned
_L 0x08E72144 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Disruptors Absorbed
_L 0x08E721B4 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Disruptors Used
_L 0x08E7218C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Free Play Time
_L 0x08E72134 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Game Play Time
_L 0x08E72124 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Gold Medals Earned
_L 0x08E7214C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Laps
_L 0x08E72118 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Mines Absorbed
_L 0x08E721B0 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Mines Used
_L 0x08E72188 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Missiles Absorbed
_L 0x08E721A0 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Missiles Used
_L 0x08E72178 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Multiplayer Play Time
_L 0x08E7213C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Perfect Laps
_L 0x08E72140 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Plasmas Absorbed
_L 0x08E721B8 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Plasmas Used
_L 0x08E72190 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Quakes Absorbed
_L 0x08E721A4 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Quakes Used
_L 0x08E7217C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Rockets Absorbed
_L 0x08E721A8 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Rockets Used
_L 0x08E72180 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Shields Absorbed
_L 0x08E7219C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Shields Used
_L 0x08E72174 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Silver Medals Earned
_L 0x08E72148 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Single Race Play Time
_L 0x08E72128 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Speedup Pads
_L 0x08E72110 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Time Spent Looking at Stats
_L 0x08E72120 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Time Trial Play Time
_L 0x08E7212C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Tournament Play Time
_L 0x08E72138 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Tournament Points Gained
_L 0x08E72150 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Turbos Absorbed
_L 0x08E72198 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Turbos Used
_L 0x08E72170 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Weapon Pads
_L 0x08E72114 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Zone Play Time
_L 0x08E72130 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 Max Zones
_L 0x08E7211C 0x3B9AC9FF


_C0 No Autopilots Absorbed
_L 0x08E72194 0x00000000


_C0 No Autopilots Used
_L 0x08E7216C 0x00000000


_C0 No Bombs Absorbed
_L 0x08E721AC 0x00000000


_C0 No Bombs Used
_L 0x08E72184 0x00000000


_C0 No Bronze Medals Earned
_L 0x08E72144 0x00000000


_C0 No Disruptors Absorbed
_L 0x08E721B4 0x00000000


_C0 No Disruptors Used
_L 0x08E7218C 0x00000000


_C0 No Free Play Time
_L 0x08E72134 0x00000000


_C0 No Gold Medals Earned
_L 0x08E7214C 0x00000000


_C0 No Laps
_L 0x08E72118 0x00000000


_C0 No Mines Absorbed
_L 0x08E721B0 0x00000000


_C0 No Mines Used
_L 0x08E72188 0x00000000


_C0 No Missiles Absorbed
_L 0x08E721A0 0x00000000


_C0 No Missiles Used
_L 0x08E72178 0x00000000


_C0 No Perfect Laps
_L 0x08E72140 0x00000000


_C0 No Plasmas Absorbed
_L 0x08E721B8 0x00000000


_C0 No Plasmas Used
_L 0x08E72190 0x00000000


_C0 No Quakes Absorbed
_L 0x08E721A4 0x00000000


_C0 No Quakes Used
_L 0x08E7217C 0x00000000


_C0 No Rockets Absorbed
_L 0x08E721A8 0x00000000


_C0 No Rockets Used
_L 0x08E72180 0x00000000


_C0 No Shields Absorbed
_L 0x08E7219C 0x00000000


_C0 No Shields Used
_L 0x08E72174 0x00000000


_C0 No Silver Medals Earned
_L 0x08E72148 0x00000000


_C0 No Speedup Pads
_L 0x08E72110 0x00000000


_C0 No Time Spent Looking at Stats
_L 0x08E72120 0x00000000


_C0 No Tournament Points Gained
_L 0x08E72150 0x00000000


_C0 No Turbos Absorbed
_L 0x08E72198 0x00000000


_C0 No Turbos Used
_L 0x08E72170 0x00000000


_C0 No Weapon Pads
_L 0x08E72114 0x00000000


_C0 No Zones
_L 0x08E7211C 0x00000000