Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Action Replay (Europe)

This page contains all of the available Action Replay codes that I have for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (Europe), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

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Unlimited Health: 0x0037725C  0x00990000

Unlimited Time: 0x003769A0 0x00000400

Max Money: 0x01369F88 0xFFFFFFFF

Instantly Win Fight: 0x00377B2C 0x00000000

Instantly Lose Fight: 0x0037725C 0x00000000

Max Bowling Score: 0x00383630 0x000003E7

Lots of Money Earned: 0x013880F8 0x000F423F


Perfect Score
9999 Wins and 0 Deaths.

0x0136A074 0x0000270F
0x00488D00 0x0000270F
0x0136A074 0x0000270F
0x01387E18 0x0000270F
0x00488D04 0x00000000
0x0136A078 0x00000000
0x01387E1C 0x00000000
0x0156B11C 0x00000000