Silent Hill: Origins Action Replay (USA)

This page contains all of the available Action Replay codes that I have for Silent Hill: Origins (USA), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my Silent Hill: Origins Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

If you're using the PPSSPP Emulator and trying to figure out how to get these codes to work you're in luck! Check out my How to Use PSP Codes on the PPSSPP Emulator Guide for more information about exactly how to get these codes working in your game.



Never Reload (Hand Gun): 0x002B7784 0x00000006

Unlimited Health Drink: 0x002507E8 0x00000009

Unlimited Energy Drink: 0x20251698 0x00000099

Unlimited Ammo (Hand Gun): 0x20275328 0x00000063

Max Energy Drink: 0x00250AF8 0x00000063

Max Herbal Drink: 0x00250A88 0x00000063

Never Reload: 0x20277004 0x00000006

Unlimited Bullets (Never Reload): 0x20277004 0x00000006




Unlimited Health (Battle)

0xFFFFFFFF 0x00202EB8
0x00000058 0x00000063