Jeanne D'Arc CWCheats (USA)

This page contains all of the available CWCheats that I have for Jeanne D'Arc (USA), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my Jeanne D'Arc Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

If you're using the PPSSPP Emulator and trying to figure out how to get these codes to work you're in luck! Check out my How to Use PSP Codes on the PPSSPP Emulator Guide for more information about exactly how to get these codes working in your game.






_C0 250k Money
_L 0x202BA4EC 0x0003D090


_C0 99 Exp Bartolomeo
_L 0x002BB3F6 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Beatrix
_L 0x002BBF36 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Bertrand
_L 0x002BAC76 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Bonus
_L 0x002C4CAA 0x00000006


_C0 99 Exp Colet
_L 0x002BAEF6 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Gilles
_L 0x002BB036 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Jean
_L 0x002BAB36 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Jeanne
_L 0x002BA776 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp La Hire
_L 0x002BB2B6 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Liane
_L 0x002BA8B6 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Marcel
_L 0x002BADB6 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Richard
_L 0x002BB676 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Roger
_L 0x002BA9F6 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Rose
_L 0x002BB536 0x00000063


_C0 99 Exp Rufus
_L 0x002BB176 0x00000063


_C0 All items
_L 0x802C46EE 0x0AEE0002
_L 0x00000063 0x00000000


_C0 Always 1 turn
_L 0x002BA500 0x0000000B


_C0 Gold 9999999
_L 0x202BA4EC 0x0098967F


_C0 Immortal Charles IV
_L 0x002BB52E 0x000000E7


_C0 Unlimited HP All Characters
_L 0x002BA76E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC1AE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BA8AE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC2EE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BA9EE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC42E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BAB2E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC56E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BAC6E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC6AE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BADAE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC7EE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BAEEE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC92E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BB02E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC42E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BB16E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC56E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BB2AE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BCCEE 0x000000E1


_C0 Unlimited MP All Characters
_L 0x002BA770 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC1B0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BA8B0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC2F0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BA9F0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC430 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BAB30 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC570 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BAC70 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC570 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BADB0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC7F0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BAEF0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC930 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BB030 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC430 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BB170 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC570 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BB2B0 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BCCF0 0x000000E1


_C0 Jeanne HP/MP
_L 0x002BA76E 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BA770 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC1AE 0x000000E1
_L 0x002BC1B0 0x000000E1


_C0 Jeanne SP
_L 0x002BA772 0x0000000A


_C0 SP Max All Character
_L 0x002BA772 0x0000000A
_L 0x002BA8B2 0x0000000A
_L 0x002BA9F2 0x0000000A
_L 0x002BB032 0x0000000A
_L 0x002BB672 0x0000000A


_C0 Stay Transformed
_L 0x802BBBF4 0x00F00140
_L 0x00000002 0x00000000