Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley CWCheats (USA)

This page contains all of the available CWCheats that I have for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (USA), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

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1st Slot Item Codes





_C0 Max Cash
_L 0x204F3978 0x0098967f


_C0 30000 Gold
_L 0x204F3978 0x00007530


_C0 Inf Watering Can
_L 0x004D3870 0x00000063


_C0 Inf Fodder
_L 0x004D386E 0x00000063


_C0 Inf Chicken Feed
_L 0x004D327E 0x00000063


_C0 Inf Stamina
_L 0x004F3252 0x00000063


_C0 Inf hold item Slot 1
_L 0x004D336E 0x00000063


_C0 Max fridge item slot 1
_L 0x004D376E 0x00000063


_C0 Max tool box item slot
_L 0x004D356E 0x00000063


_C0 Item 1 Max sales record
_L 0x1050B97A 0x000003E7


_C0 Max Heart Dog and Horse
_L 0x004C674E 0x000000FF
_L 0x004F92CD 0x000000FF


_C0 No Fatigue
_L 0x104F3256 0x00000000


_C0 Inf 2nd Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D3372 0x00000062


_C0 Inf 3rd Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D3376 0x00000062


_C0 Inf 4th Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D337A 0x00000062


_C0 Inf 5th Slot Hold Item
_L 0x004D337E 0x00000062


_C0 Inf All Hold Items
_L 0x804D336E 0x001E0004
_L 0x00000062 0x00000000


_C0 Inf Cow Milking
_L 0x804F8D90 0x00050070
_L 0x00000001 0x00000000


_C0 Max Hearts Villagers (girls)
_L 0x804F3A48 0x001B000B
_L 0x1000015E 0x00000000


_C0 Max Chicken Heart
_L 0x804F874D 0x00060068
_L 0x000000FA 0x00000000


_C0 Max Cow Heart
_L 0x804F8D8D 0x00050070
_L 0x000000FA 0x00000000


_C0 Barn Auto Feeder
_L 0x204F92D0 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8D90 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8E00 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8E70 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8EE0 0x00000200
_L 0x204F8F50 0x00000200


_C0 Coop Auto Feeder
_L 0x004F874E 0x00000002
_L 0x004F87B6 0x00000002
_L 0x004F881E 0x00000002
_L 0x004F8886 0x00000002
_L 0x004F88EE 0x00000002
_L 0x004F8956 0x00000002


_C0 Stop TimeStop
_L 0xD0000000 0x10000110
_L 0x20045DBC 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000000 0x10000140
_L 0x20045DBC 0xAE420078


_C0 Infinite Stamina
_L 0x20097C00 0x24050064
_L 0x20097C90 0xA4803256


_C0 Max Money
_L 0x204F3978 0x0098967F


_C0 Infinite Item Usage
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000210
_L 0x20085D90 0x24020000
_L 0x20085FA8 0x24040000
_L 0x20086024 0x24040000
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000240
_L 0x20085D90 0x320200FF
_L 0x20085FA8 0x7C042620
_L 0x20086024 0x7C042620


_C0 Katie
_L 0x104F3A48 0x0000015E


_C0 Gina
_L 0x104F3A5E 0x0000015E


_C0 Gwen
_L 0x104F3A74 0x0000015E


_C0 Dia
_L 0x104F3A8A 0x0000015E


_C0 Lyla
_L 0x104F3AA0 0x0000015E


_C0 Louis
_L 0x104F3AB6 0x0000015E


_C0 Parsely
_L 0x104F3ACC 0x0000015E


_C0 Bob
_L 0x104F3AE2 0x0000015E


_C0 Tim
_L 0x104F3AF8 0x0000015E


_C0 Joe
_L 0x104F3B0E 0x0000015E


_C0 Kurt
_L 0x104F3B24 0x0000015E


_C0 Woody
_L 0x104F3B3A 0x0000015E


_C0 Wallace
_L 0x104F3B50 0x0000015E


_C0 Ronald
_L 0x104F3B66 0x0000015E


_C0 Martha
_L 0x104F3B7C 0x0000015E


_C0 Rudolph
_L 0x104F3B92 0x0000015E


_C0 Nac
_L 0x104F3BA8 0x0000015E


_C0 Aurelia
_L 0x104F3BBE 0x0000015E


_C0 Flak
_L 0x104F3BD4 0x0000015E


_C0 Alice
_L 0x104F3BEA 0x0000015E


_C0 Charles
_L 0x104F3C00 0x0000015E


_C0 Renton
_L 0x104F3C16 0x0000015E


_C0 Nic
_L 0x104F3C2C 0x0000015E


_C0 Chester
_L 0x104F3C42 0x0000015E


_C0 Zann
_L 0x104F3C58 0x0000015E


_C0 Harvest Goddess
_L 0x104F3C6E 0x0000016E


_C0 Stop Time
_L 0xE1010002 0x004B94C1
_L 0x30100006 0x004B94C1
_L 0xE1010000 0x004B94C1
_L 0x30100008 0x004B94C1