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God of War: Ghost of Sparta Walkthrough Chapter 1

God of War Atlantis

You begin this God of War adventure on a boat outside the city of Atlantis. As usual you will be given helpful tips while fighting on the boat about various types of attacks and how to play the game. Once you defeat all of the enemies you'll need to head inside of the boat and defeat some more enemies.

If this is your first God of War game then it's worth mentioning that you can smash a lot of objects in the world for Red Orbs. Red Orbs are a sort of currency in this game that can be used to power up your weapons and abilities, you'll get a tutorial on this later. There will be a half broken door you can smash down inside the boat - behind it you'll find a chest with Red Orbs.

Climb the stairs and go through the door on the opposite end of the boat to continue. You'll get a tutorial about dodge roll and a bunch of small agile enemies will be thrown at you. What you need to do is attack the tentacles to make them move out of your way and progress over to the right hand side of the area.

Attack the big tentacle over here until a big Circle appears above its head. This is a common thing in God of War that lets you know a minigame is possible. Sometimes for special enemies like this you must defeat them with the minigame otherwise they'll just keep healing. You will get a tutorial for this whole part so it should be pretty straight forward.

Scylla Boss Fight

Once you defeat the tentacle there will be a scene after which you'll find yourself on land fighting a really big monster named Scylla (pictured above). This fight will work as your first boss fight in this God of War game - however the fight will be somewhat of a tutorial more than an actual boss fight.

Dodge the tentacles, defeat the adds that get summoned and smack Scylla in the face each time she leans in to the 'arena' and makes herself available for attacks. Eventually Scylla will crash into the area on the right hand side of the screen and break the lock holding the wheel. You'll get a scene when this happens - jump up and press Circle near it to grab on and start a minigame where you spam Circle.

After you are done with the wheel the Circle minigame will be available on the boss too. You'll have to press buttons at the right time when prompted to complete it, once you do the boss will be defeated. Climb up the ledge on the right hand side of this area and then up to another ledge. Here you will find an unmarked chest with a Gorgon Eye inside of it and a rope you can slide down to reach the bottom area.

You will land in water and immediately get a tutorial about dashing in water. In front of you will be some broken wood that you can dash through - behind it will be a Red Orbs chest. After you've claimed the chest exit the water and climb up the nearby wall next to the save point.

While holding onto the small ledge you'll need to shimmy around the corner of this wall and drop down on a different ledge. This will allow you to climb up into a new area with a health chest and some enemies (pictured below).

Atlantis City PassageKratos Grapple Point

Once the enemies have been taken care of you will need to smash the stone wall next to this Health chest by attacking it a few times. Head on down the hallway and you will get another tutorial, this time about Grapple Points. Use the Grapple Point above to swing into the arena with the Minotaur and start fighting him.

During your fight with the Minotaur the big sea monster that's been bothering us for awhile will bust through the wall and grab hold of Kratos. Free yourself by spamming the L and R buttons then defeat the Minotaur and move the crank on the floor towards the screen.

Now you will have to climb up the wall in this room to reach the doorway up top - when you grab onto one of the walls you will get another tutorial that you should read over. Jump up to the doorway, continue down the linear hall and you'll come to an area with a few enemies and a climbable wall. This climbable wall is slightly different though and will give you another tutorial - lots of tutorials at this stage of the game!

Climb up a few of these walls to reach an area with a few of the previous ledge-jump walls. Shimmy around on these walls until you can reach the platform at the top where there will be a cutscene. Defeat the enemies up here and grab the unmarked chest with a Gorgon Eye inside of it - then open the door to find a stone block that you can move around. Move the stone block against the wall on the right hand side of this area so that you can jump up to the ledge above. There will be a Red Orbs chest up here.

Block Ontop Pressure Plate

After using the stone block to reach the chest with Red Orbs you'll want to move it down to the pressure plate on the bridge we entered from (pictured above). This will disable the waterfalls around the Grapple Point separating the two areas. Before using the Grapple Point to travel across this gap you'll want to purposefully fall into the water so that you can grab the chest with Red Orbs that's underwater.

Grapple across the gap, defeat some enemies then slide down the long climbable wall that you come across. The road will split a bit at the bottom of this wall, run towards the screen and follow the path around to 2 chests with Red Orbs inside of it - then go down the opposite path and through the doorway.

You'll come across a large half-circle room next; on the left hand side of this room you'll find a chest with Red Orbs and on the right hand side will be a save point and a hallway that leads you to a room with an elevator and a lever. We'll be returning to this half-circle room later but first we need an item.

City of AtlantisSliding Down Waterfall

When you pull the lever in the elevator it'll start to go up but also enemies will spawn. Ride it to the top and you'll get a zone change to the City of Atlantis; shortly after this you'll get another tutorial area involving a waterfall slide (pictured above). It's almost like this is the first level of the game or something with all of these tutorials!

On the platform after this slide there will be a fight against a new enemy type, a Cyclops. Defeat him and before you go into the building make sure you grab the chest of Red Orbs near the broken bridge on the other path. Head inside the building next and push the large Poseidon statue out of the way to uncover a hole in the floor. Dive in and you'll be given a choice between going right or left.

You'll want to go left first so that you can collect two chests filled with Red Orbs. The right path will have a bridge that collapses as you run across it but the path will eventually lead you to the Temple of Poseidon.

Temple of Poseidon

Inside the Temple of Poseidon there will be a scene with Kratos, his brother Deimos and his mother. After the cutscene there will be a tough fight against your first real boss of this game, Callisto. During this fight Callisto will pin you against the wall and you will have to spam L and R to break free then successfully perform a quick time event to claim victory.

Kratos will throw Callisto into the middle of the room and you'll have to approach it and press Circle to claim the kill and get another cutscene. When you regain control of Kratos the first thing you will want to do is pick up Callisto's Armlet on the ground. You can't use it until you beat the game but it doesn't hurt to grab it!

Continue into the next room and grab the item on the wall, you'll now be the proud owner of the Eye of Atlantis item. You will get a quick tutorial about this item and then a bunch of enemies will spawn in the room. As the game tells you in the tutorial - you have unlimited Magic for this fight so go crazy learning how to use this magical item... Admittedly it's not the best magical ability though.

Temple of Poseidon Split Path
Take the right path first for a Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather!

When all the enemies are defeated you'll be given the choice between the right path and the left one; go right first because you'll find a Gorgon Eye and a Phoenix Feather. The path on the left will take you to a small platform where Kratos will be attacked by Scylla again. Scylla drags Kratos through the water a distance and throws him into a new volcano area. When you first arrive there will be a brief quick time event after which Scylla leaves.

In the new volcano area follow the linear path until you get a scene of the master knocking a helper off and into the lava (how rude). Grab the chest with a Phoenix Feather inside of it that's across from the Health and Magic chests then use the save point if you so desire. When you're ready to proceed climb up the climbable wall next to the lava drill and follow the linear path where it leads.

You'll get another tutorial about how to navigate across climbable ceilings on your trip. There will be some stalagmites that you need to smash in your way and some enemies that will spawn to attack you too. Eventually you'll come to an area with a ledge that has a Red Orb chest and you'll be prompted to press L to drop off the ceiling.

To get across the remaining part of the gap you will have to use the two Grapple Points on the ceiling. Follow the linear path to reach a new area named The Caldera.

The CalderaThera in Caldera

Harpy enemies will spawn inside the ring, defeat them then follow the linear path until it drops you down into a new room. In this room there will be two doors that you can open, one on the left hand side and another on the right hand side. First you'll want to go through the door on the right which will lead you to a giant that's chained up named Thera.

Standing in front of Thera you'll have to press Circle and use your Blades of Athena to grab onto her. This will begin a minigame where you pull an object out of Thera that turns out to be Thera's Bane, a new power for Kratos. Return to the previous room we were just in and use Thera's Bane to defeat the enemy covered in armor. He'll be immune to regular attacks so you'll have to learn how to use Thera's Bane.

Once you defeat the automaton you'll be rewarded with the Automaton Gear item which works as a key to open the other door in this room. Continue down the hall and into the next room, grab the unmarked chest which has a Gorgon Eye inside of it and then use Thera's Bane again - this time to break the gears on the platform.

The lava drill will collapse and create a bridge allowing you to cross - you may notice we're back in the same room we battled the Harpy enemies earlier. Head down the hallway in the same direction we went last time and stop when you get to the cracked lava door (pictured below).

Theras Bane Lava Door

You'll get another tutorial when you reach the door letting you know how you can use Thera's Bane to knock it down. On the other side of this door you'll find a chest with Red Orbs and a Health chest. Continue up the path and you will find another slope that you need to slide down. Enemies will spawn when you land on the new platform, defeat them then push/pull the crank to create a solid island in the lava that you can ride down stream.

Eventually the floating island that you are on will let you jump to a climbable wall which you can climb up to a new platform. Make sure you jump to this climbable wall quick because the platform you're riding on will disintegrate very quickly without notice. Climb up the wall and open the chest next to the save point which has a Minotaur Horn inside of it.

Next to chest with a Minotaur Horn you'll be able to "sidle" across the ledge. Yes, this is actually a word - the tutorial used it and I had to google to see what it even meant. All you have to do is approach the wall and Kratos will automatically put his back against it then "sidle" to the other side.

On this platform you'll find some more gears that you can destroy with Thera's Bane. Smash them then climb up the nearby ledge and go into the next room which has another one of those lava doors that we can break down. Behind it you'll find a chest with Red Orbs and a small hole in the wall that Kratos can fit through to 'sidle' across the ledge.

As you're making your way across this ledge an old friend will burst out of the water to attack you, Scylla. Just like before she'll grab you and drag you through the water until you defeat her in a new area with a quick time event.

Scylla Corpse

There will be a wall you can climb nearby after defeating Scylla. Before going up you'll want to climb down and grab the chest with Red Orbs and the chest with a Gorgon Eye inside of it. When you're ready go straight up and jump over the gap. This whole next segment is going to be very linear but it is going to require some quick thinking and reflexes.

You'll have a few timed parts where you have to climb up to avoid lava, jump across platforms that are sinking into the lava and a bit more. Completing this event will get you a cutscene after which you will regain control of Kratos on the Island of Crete.

Island of CreteIsland of Crete On Fire

Grab the chests then climb up the ladder near the save point. Up top in this area you'll see two people on their knees - there will be a ladder you can climb down on the left side of this area (pictured above). This will lead you to a chest with a Phoenix Feather inside. Climb back up and carefully navigate the piece of wood then climb around the ledge until you can fall down into a new area with a Red Orbs chest.

Near where the Red Orbs chest is at you'll be able to get Kratos to sidle against the wall. While sidling across the wall you will get another tutorial pop up - read it then jump up to the ledge above you. I always have trouble with the controls on these parts of the game - sometimes when you're trying to jump up you keep moving side to side instead of going up. It's quite frustrating.

Follow the linear path and you will eventually come to an area with Undead Legionnaire enemies, there will be a cutscene introducing them. Anyone familiar with the early God of War series will know these guys well because they make an appearance in every one. Defeat them, climb up the ladder, jump to the ladder on your right and continue climbing up until you're at the top.



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