Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines CWCheats (USA)

This page contains all of the available CWCheats that I have for Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines (USA), a game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). If the codes on this page aren't working for you it may be because you have a different region or version, head back to my Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines Guides & Walkthroughs Index and choose a different section.

If you're using the PPSSPP Emulator and trying to figure out how to get these codes to work you're in luck! Check out my How to Use PSP Codes on the PPSSPP Emulator Guide for more information about exactly how to get these codes working in your game.






_C0 13 Gold Tokens
_L 0x012D857E 0xFFFF


_C0 1st Boss Inf Health
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x002A9D14
_L 0x00000160 0x41200000


_C0 999 Bronze Coins
_L 0x112D8568 0x000003E7


_C0 999 Bronze Templar Tokens
_L 0x012D8568 0x0000270F


_C0 All/Max Upgrades(Enable before continue session)
_L 0x012D8584 0xFFFFFFFF


_C0 Analog Controller - Left
_L 0x002EF948 0x00000000


_C0 Analog Controller - Left Sub
_L 0x0000F064 0x0e2a0683
_L 0x00281A0C 0x3c0808af
_L 0x00281A10 0x3c090000
_L 0x00281A14 0x35290000
_L 0x00281A18 0xad09f948
_L 0x00281A1C 0x03e00008


_C0 Analog Controller - Right
_L 0x002EF948 0xFFFFFFFF


_C0 Analog Controller - Right Sub
_L 0x0000F064 0x0e2a0683
_L 0x00281A0C 0x3c0808af
_L 0x00281A10 0x3c09ffff
_L 0x00281A14 0x3529ffff
_L 0x00281A18 0xad09f948
_L 0x00281A1C 0x03e00008


_C0 Controller Address
_L 0x002EF944 0x00000000


_C0 Elevator Up/Down Dpad
_L 0x00001500 0x3C0808AF
_L 0x00001504 0x9508F8BC
_L 0x00001508 0x3C0908AB
_L 0x0000150C 0x8D299BFC
_L 0x00001510 0x340B0010
_L 0x00001514 0xC52C0134
_L 0x00001518 0x3C0A3F00
_L 0x0000151C 0x448A6800
_L 0x00001520 0x150B0006
_L 0x00001524 0x00000000
_L 0x00001528 0x3C190880
_L 0x0000152C 0xC72B1480
_L 0x00001530 0x460D5B80
_L 0x00001534 0xE72E1480
_L 0x00001538 0xE52E0134
_L 0x0000153C 0x10000001
_L 0x00001544 0x3C190880
_L 0x00001548 0xC72E1480
_L 0x0000154C 0xE52E0134
_L 0x00001550 0x34180040
_L 0x00001554 0x15180006
_L 0x0000155C 0x3C0F0880
_L 0x00001560 0xC5EE1480
_L 0x00001564 0x460D7381
_L 0x00001568 0xE5EE1480
_L 0x0000156C 0xE52E0134
_L 0x00001570 0x03E00008
_L 0x00104538 0x0A200540


_C0 Game speed
_L 0x002A3050 0x00001803


_C0 gold and silver(mini**)
_L 0x212D8574 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x212D8578 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x212D857C 0xFFFFFFFF


_C0 Increase Walk/Sprint Speed
_L 0x00048D6C 0x3C064040


_C0 INF HEALTH(Only use while in game)
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x002A9C04
_L 0x00000244 0x418F0000
_L 0x00000248 0x418F0000


_C0 Inf knifes
_L 0x012D8561 0x0000000A


_C0 Jump (L Trigger)
_L 0x00001500 0x3C0808AF
_L 0x00001504 0x9508F8BC
_L 0x00001508 0x3C0908AB
_L 0x0000150C 0x8D299BFC
_L 0x00001510 0x340B0100
_L 0x00001514 0xC52C0134
_L 0x00001518 0x3C0A3F00
_L 0x0000151C 0x448A6800
_L 0x00001520 0x150B0003
_L 0x00001524 0x00000000
_L 0x00001528 0x460D6380
_L 0x0000152C 0xE52E0134
_L 0x00001530 0x03E00008
_L 0x00104538 0x0A200540


_C0 Kill Everything
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x002A9D14
_L 0x00000160 0x00000000


_C0 Kill Everything - No Freeze
_L 0x0000F064 0x0e2a0683
_L 0x00281A0C 0x3c0808ab
_L 0x00281A10 0x8d089d14
_L 0x00281A14 0x3c090000
_L 0x00281A18 0xad090160
_L 0x00281A1C 0x03e00008


_C0 Kill Everything Stack Sub
_L 0x0000F064 0x0e2a4080
_L 0x00290200 0x27bdffe0
_L 0x00290204 0xafa40000
_L 0x00290208 0xafa50004
_L 0x0029020C 0xafbf0008
_L 0x00290210 0x3c0408ab
_L 0x00290214 0x8c849d14
_L 0x00290218 0x3c050000
_L 0x0029021C 0x34a50000
_L 0x00290220 0xac850160
_L 0x00290224 0x8fa40000
_L 0x00290228 0x8fa50004
_L 0x0029022C 0x8fbf0008
_L 0x00290230 0x03e00008
_L 0x00290234 0x27bd0020


_C0 Lighting Reversal
_L 0x00263364 0x3C05BF80


_C0 Mark/recall (UP/Down Dpad)
_L 0x00104538 0x0A200200
_L 0x00000800 0x3C0808AB
_L 0x00000804 0x8D089BFC
_L 0x00000808 0x3C0908AF
_L 0x0000080C 0x9529F8BC
_L 0x00000810 0x340A0010
_L 0x00000814 0x340B0040
_L 0x00000818 0x3C0C0880
_L 0x0000081C 0x152A0007
_L 0x00000820 0x00000000
_L 0x00000824 0xC501012C
_L 0x00000828 0xE58107F0
_L 0x0000082C 0xC5020130
_L 0x00000830 0xE58207F4
_L 0x00000834 0xC5030134
_L 0x00000838 0xE58307F8
_L 0x0000083C 0x8D8D07F0
_L 0x00000840 0x11A00009
_L 0x00000848 0x152B0007
_L 0x00000850 0xC58107F0
_L 0x00000854 0xE501012C
_L 0x00000858 0xC58207F4
_L 0x0000085C 0xE5020130
_L 0x00000860 0xC58307F8
_L 0x00000864 0xE5030134
_L 0x00000868 0x10000001
_L 0x00000870 0x03E00008


_C0 Max Kills
_L 0x012D856C 0xFFFFFFFF


_C0 Max Silver/Gold Tokens
_L 0x012D8574 0xFFFFFF00
_L 0x012D8578 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x012D857C 0xFFFFFFFF


_C0 Multi Jump
_L 0x000114D8 0x3C043F90


_C0 Remove Sprites
_L 0x00259210 0x3C054000


_C0 Remove Sprites
_L 0x00259210 0x3C054000


_C0 Superman
_L 0x00104538 0x0A2C0000
_L 0x00300000 0x3C0808AB
_L 0x00300004 0x8D089C04
_L 0x00300008 0x3C0908A9
_L 0x0030000C 0x8D2AE318
_L 0x00300010 0x8D29E31C
_L 0x00300014 0x3C0B3F80
_L 0x00300018 0x3C0CBF80
_L 0x0030001C 0x3C0D08AF
_L 0x00300020 0x8DADF8BC
_L 0x00300024 0x340E0010
_L 0x00300028 0x340F0040
_L 0x0030002C 0x3C183F00
_L 0x00300030 0x44986000
_L 0x00300034 0x152B0004
_L 0x0030003C 0xC50D012C
_L 0x00300040 0x460C6B80
_L 0x00300044 0xE50E012C
_L 0x00300048 0x152C0004
_L 0x00300050 0xC50D012C
_L 0x00300054 0x460C6B81
_L 0x00300058 0xE50E012C
_L 0x0030005C 0x154C0004
_L 0x00300064 0xC50D0130
_L 0x00300068 0x460C6B80
_L 0x0030006C 0xE50E0130
_L 0x00300070 0x154B0004
_L 0x00300078 0xC50D0130
_L 0x0030007C 0x460C6B81
_L 0x00300080 0xE50E0130
_L 0x00300084 0x10000001
_L 0x003000C 0x3C180880
_L 0x00300090 0x00000000
_L 0x00300094 0x00000000
_L 0x0030009C 0x15AE0004
_L 0x003000A4 0xC70D0800
_L 0x003000A8 0x460C6B80
_L 0x003000AC 0xE70E0800
_L 0x003000B0 0x15AF0004
_L 0x003000B8 0xC70D0800
_L 0x003000BC 0x460C6B81
_L 0x003000C0 0xE70E0800
_L 0x003000C4 0x10000001
_L 0x003000CC 0x8F190800
_L 0x003000D0 0xAD190134
_L 0x003000D4 0x03E00008