List of High End Vendors - Pillars of Eternity

Bricanta Doemenel Vendor

Curious about where to find all of the high end vendors in Pillars of Eternity that sell unique items? Well, those of you looking to dump your gold have no further to look! I've compiled a list of all the vendors in the game that sell four or more rare items. Keep in mind that in PoE vendors do not restock their Unique wares, only their regular items. This means that once you clear out these vendors they'll never restock! Make sure you know you're not going to use an item before vendoring it for this reason!


Defiance Bay Ondra's Gift: Outside Valian Trading Company

Defiance Bay Ondra's Gift: Salty Mast (2nd floor) best rare vendor in the game, need a key to enter. See How to get into Salty Mast 2nd Floor Quest

Defiance Bay Crucible Keep: Dwarven Smith

Defiance Bay Admeth's Den: Sonild (Must complete Rogue Knight Quest)

Defiance Bay Brackenbury - Doemenel's Estate: Bricanta Doemenel (Must complete Hard Feelings and Doemenel Faction Quest during Act 2)

Defiance Bay Copperlane Market District: Four vendors here in the north

Dyrford Village: Blacksmith

Gilded Vale: Blacksmith

Twin Elms Hearthstone: Market Hall (It has a few weapons but disappointing market all around)

(White March Part 1) Stalwart: Yduran

(White March Part 2) Stalwart: Hammond's Emporium has a lot of unique items as well.