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A Glaive Out of Time - Insomnia

A Glaive Out of Time Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 14
Other Requirements: Royal Edition DLC
Location: Insomnia Kingsglaive Base Camp
Rewards: EXP & The Wanderer's Talisman

This quest is part of the Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition DLC; without that DLC this as well as much of the extra stuff in Insomnia will be unavailable. For this quest you'll first need to travel to the southern portion of Insomnia and speak to a Glaive there to update it. Once you do this a bunch of markers will be added to your map.

Inside the area marked on your map for each of the quest markers you'll find glowing yellow items on the ground, these are the batteries that you have to collect for Cindy. When you've collected all of them that there are to find in a specific area the quest marker on your compass/map will disappear and Noctis will make a comment about finding them all.

Note: The Glaive that joins your party can get hurt and probably even die. Keep this in mind before challenging some of the harder enemies in the area to a battle such as the Behemoth King.

For those of you struggling to locate all of the batteries I marked 5 of the harder to find batteries in the larger quest areas on my map below.

Batteries for a glaive out of time

A Glaive out of time map locations

Completion of this quest as well as the Crown City Without A King and Relics of the Empire quests will reward you with an extremely powerful accessory for one of your bros. Make sure to go into your inventory and equip it immedaitely (yes, it's that good).









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