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The Hobbit - Have Item Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for The Hobbit (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my The Hobbit Codebreaker Codes index page and choose a different section.


Note: Do not use more than 25 items at a time or your game will freeze when you look at the quest log.


Troll Key: 2AA30654 3F800000

Witch-King Crystal: 2AAF0654 3F800000

Burberry Plant: 2AAB0654 3F800000

Blue Urn: 2A970654 3F800000

Red Urn: 2A930654 3F800000

Yellow Urn: 2A9F0654 3F800000

Unlit Torch: 2A9B0654 3F800000

Lit Torch: 2A870654 3F800000

Bellows: 2A830654 3F800000

Signet Ring: 2A8F0654 3F800000

Can Of Oil: 2A8B0654 3F800000

Small Iron Gear: 2A770654 3F800000

Small Silver Gear: 2A730654 3F800000

Small Golden Gear: 2A7F0654 3F800000

Small Copper Gear: 2A7B0654 3F800000

Small Metallic Gear: 2A670654 3F800000

Iron Gear: 2A630654 3F800000

Silver Gear: 2A6F0654 3F800000

Golden Gear: 2A6B0654 3F800000

Copper Gear: 2A570654 3F800000

Metallic Gear: 2A530654 3F800000

Large Iron Gear: 2A5F0654 3F800000

Large Silver Gear: 2A5B0654 3F800000

Large Golden Gear: 2A470654 3F800000

Large Copper Gear: 2A430654 3F800000

Large Metallic Gear: 2A4F0654 3F800000

Iron Shank Head: 2A4B0654 3F800000

Silver Shank Head: 2A370654 3F800000

Gold Shank Head: 2A330654 3F800000

Copper Shank Arm: 2A3F0654 3F800000

Metallic Shank Arm: 2A3B0654 3F800000

Iron Shank Arm: 2A270654 3F800000

Silver Shank Arm: 2A230654 3F800000

Gold Shank Arm: 2A2F0654 3F800000

Copper Shank Arm: 2A2B0654 3F800000

Metallic Shank Arm: 2A170654 3F800000

Firewood: 2A130654 3F800000

Grit-Lift Key: 2A1F0654 3F800000

Dim-Lift Key: 2A1B0654 3F800000

Mugg-Lift Key: 2A070654 3F800000

Wart-Lift Lever: 2AF30654 3F800000

Wart-Stone: 2AFF0654 3F800000

Thror's Golden Cup: 2AFB0654 3F800000

Necklace Of Girion: 2AE70654 3F800000

Groin's Ruby: 2AE30654 3F800000

King Bladorthin's Spears: 2AEF0654 3F800000

Golden Serving Dish: 2AEB0654 3F800000

Tea-Cakes: 2AD70654 3F800000

Infinite Apples: 2ADB0654 41200000

Hammer: 2AC70654 3F800000

Infinite Nails: 2AC30654 41200000

Infinite Eggs: 2ACB0655 41200000

Infinite Berries: 2AB70655 41200000

Sack Of Wheat: 2AB30655 3F800000

Sugar: 2ABF0655 3F800000

Spice: 2ABB0655 3F800000

Sauasage: 2AA70655 3F800000

Wheat: 2AA30655 3F800000

Quilting Needle: 2AAB0655 3F800000

Elvish Opening Crystal 1: 2A970655 3F800000

Elvish Opening Crystal 2: 2A930655 3F800000

Elvish Opening Crystal 3: 2A9F0655 3F800000

Elvish Opening Crystal 4: 2A9B0655 3F800000

Deep Cellar Key 1: 2A830655 3F800000

Deep Cellar Key 2: 2A8F0655 3F800000

Deep Cellar Key 3: 2A8B0655 3F800000

Deep Cellar Key 4: 2A770655 3F800000

Moonleaf: 2A7F0655 3F800000

Willowweed: 2A7B0655 3F800000

Spidersbane: 2A670655 3F800000

Web Potion: 2A630655 3F800000

Gear Belt: 2A6F0655 3F800000

Treasury Chain: 2A6B0655 3F800000

Treasury Key Mold: 2A570655 3F800000

Throne Key Mold 1: 2A530655 3F800000

Throne Key Mold 2: 2A5F0655 3F800000

Treasure Key: 2A5B0655 3F800000

Throne Key 1: 2A470655 3F800000

Throne Key 2: 2A430655 3F800000

Arkenstone: 2A4F0655 3F800000

City Warehouse Key: 2A4B0655 3F800000

Black Arrow: 2A370655 3F800000

Malloc's Golden Dagger: 2A330655 3F800000

Black Wine Bottle: 2A3F0655 3F800000

Blue Wine Bottle: 2A3B0655 3F800000

Purple Wine Bottle: 2A270655 3F800000

Red Wine Bottle: 2A230655 3F800000

Yellow Wine Bottle: 2A2F0655 3F800000

Gandalf's Message: 2A2B0655 3F800000

Healing Draught: 2A170655 3F800000

Troll Key 8: 2A130655 3F800000

Ladder Switch Lever: 2A1F0655 3F800000

Rennar's Key: 2A1B0655 3F800000