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Ratchet and Clank - Have Mission Completed Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Ratchet And Clank (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Ratchet And Clank Codebreaker Codes index page and choose a different section.


(Planet Novalis) Find A New Ship: 0A6014E8 00000001

(Planet Novalis) Explore The Waterworks: 0A1F14F0 00000001

(Planet Novalis) Buy Infobot From Mechanic: 0A6114E8 00000001

(Planet Aridia) Locate Skid McMarx: 0AEF14F7 00000001

(Planet Aridia) Help Skid Get To His Ship: 0A0D14F1 00000001

(Planet Aridia) Find Skid's Agent: 0AFF14F7 00000001

(Planet Aridia) Bring Prize To Agent: 0AE614F1 00000001


(Planet Aridia) Use Your Swingshot

0ACF14F2 00000001
0A0914F1 00000001


(Planet Kerwan) Visit Al's Roboshack: 0A2F14F7 00000001

(Planet Kerwan) Buy Heli-Pack From Al: 0AE114F1 00000001

(Planet Kerwan) Explore The Rest Of The City: 0A8814E8 00000001

(Planet Kerwan) Buy Swingshot From Trainer: 0AFF14F1 00000001


(Planet Kerwan) Ride The Robot Train

0AC314F2 00000001
0A6714E8 00000001


(Planet Kerwan) Complete Fitness Course

0A6F14F6 00000001
0A3F14F6 00000001


(Planet Eudora) Confront Robot Lieutenant: 0A6514E8 00000001


(Planet Eudora) Explore The Mills

0A8F14E8 00000001
0A1214F1 00000001


(Planet Rilgar) Locate Captain Qwark: 2A9F3125 00000001

(Planet Rilgar) Bribe The Bodyguard: 0A6414E8 00000001


(Planet Rilgar) Win The Hoverboard Race

0A4F14F5 00000001
0A6F14F5 00000001
0ABB14F2 00000001


(Planet Nebula G34) Buy Grindboots: 0A0E14F1 00000001

(Planet Nebula G34) Explore The Blarg Warship: 0AD914F2 00000001

(Planet Nebula G34) Destroy The Warship: 0ADF14F2 00000001

(Planet Nebula G34) Journey Outside The Airlock: 0AF514F1 00000001


(Planet Nebula G34) Explore The Space Station

1ADEC303 00000101
0ADF14F5 00000001


(Planet Umbris) Survive Qwark's Gauntlet: 0AD214F2 00000001

(Planet Umbris) Destroy The Snagglebeast: 0A2F14F5 00000001

(Planet Umbris) Find A New Ship: 0A7B14E8 00000001


(Planet Batalia) Scout The Area: 0AD414F2 00000001

(Planet Batalia) Ride The Grind Rail: 0A6F14F4 00000001

(Planet Batalia) Buy Deserter's Infobot: 0A7A14E8 00000001

(Planet Batalia) Talk To The Commando: 0A5F14F4 00000001

(Planet Batalia) Meet The Commando At City: 0A7914E8 00000001

(Planet Batalia) Explore The Walled City: 0A7F14F4 00000001

(Planet Batalia) Destroy The Bombers: 0A0814F1 00000001


(Planet Gaspar) Find The Pilot's Helmet: 0AE414F1 00000001


(Planet Orxon) Search The Laboratories: 0A0F14F1 00000001

(Planet Orxon) Traverse The Wilderness: 0A7814E8 00000001

(Planet Orxon) Buy The Premium Nanotech: 0ABF14F2 00000001


(Planet Orxon) Explore As Ratchet

0A8114E8 00000001
0AEF14F4 00000001


(Planet Orxon) Catch The Infobot

0ADF14F4 00000001
0A7F14E8 00000001


(Planet Pokitaru) Check Out The Resort: 0A0E14F2 00000001

(Planet Pokitaru) Help The Resort Owner: 0A0F14F4 00000002

(Planet Pokitaru) Buy Thrusterpack From Bob: 0AE014F1 00000001

(Planet Pokitaru) Destroy The Blarg Ships: 0AE514F1 00000001

(Planet Pokitaru) Navigate The Sewers: 0A2F14F4 00000001

(Planet Pokitaru) Bring Raritanium To Inventor: 0A0014F1 00000001


(Planet Hoven) Destroy The Planetbuster: 0A7E14E8 00000001


(Planet Hoven) Explorer The Icy Wastes

0A8714E8 00000001
0A1A14F2 00000001


(Planet Hoven) Buy Hydro-Pack From Ed

0A4F14EB 00000001
0AE714F1 00000001


(Oltanis Orbit) Explore Base: 0A9F14EB 00000001

(Oltanis Orbit) Shoot Down Captain Qwark: 0A7D14E8 00000001


(Planet Oltanis) Find Survivors Of Blarg Attack: 0A6F14EA 00000001

(Planet Oltanis) Buy Infobot From Scrap Merchant: 0A7C14E8 00000001

(Planet Oltanis) Search The Destroyed City: 0A2E14F1 00000001

(Planet Oltanis) Purchase Gadgetron PDR From 'Steve': 0A5F14EA 00000001


(Planet Quarty) Find Out More About The Ultra-Mech: 0ACF14EA 00000001

(Planet Quarty) Destroy The Ultra-Mechs: 0A7314E8 00000001


(Planet Quarty) Explore The Coolant

0A8414E8 00000001
0A3914F0 00000001


(Planet Quarty) Infiltrate The Secure Area

0A7214E8 00000001
0A1514F2 00000001


(Planet Kalebo III) Find New Equipment & Get Past The Blarg

0A0214F1 00000001
0A0C14F1 00000001


(Planet Kalebo III) Win The Hoverboard Race

0A2B14F2 00000001
0A4F14E9 00000001


(Planet Kalebo III) Ride The Grind Rail

0A2A14F2 00000001
0A3A14F0 00000001


(Veldin Orbit) Find The Coordinates For Drek's Laser: 0A7114E8 00000001


(Veldin Orbit) Swim Through The Water Tanker

0A9A14E8 00000001
0A2314F1 00000001


(Planet Veldin) Save Ratchet's Planet: 0A2614F1 00000001