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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Special Edition) - Misc Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Special Edition) (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Special Edition) Codebreaker Codes index page and choose a different section.


Shadow Vehicles: 97EA6B21 F9BD4C42

Idiot AI-Bicycles: 2776B81B AA93F83B

Frozen Traffic-Bicycles: EE1F15FD 3987A67B

Super Jump: 6BDDB84A E7AC792C

Mega Jump: E95170A4 74F98E87

Ultra Jump: A0C55D12 A0BBEEC3

No Pedestrians: AD5C2333 BB3CA5F6

More Pedestrians: A142DC85 34EA1AE0

No Traffic: FF436059 FB43861A

More Traffic: B1C9D9B9 EEFD615F

Disable HUD: BAD36913 65EDA7A6

Low Gravity: DE97790C 1FD07ED5

Very Low Gravity: EA2D5B4B 636DC240

Idiot AI-Cops (Not Army): F1364FFB 95322EF9

No Water: 63933620 E71C6C39

Dough Roller Tires: 60030A8C 1A7123D3

Idiot AI-Cars: C96EF37E 0BD1F6A6

Frozen Traffic-Cars: EE374C83 9A03024D

100 Inch Rims: 7F43B29C 42EB1D07

Random Floating Cars: EC362032 9113B759

Skin/Walk Through Everything: 366C280E 6DB70D34

More Motorcycle Colors: CDF63D50 9E1A50DD

Idiot AI-Motorcycles: 6121151A 30247FC3

Frozen Traffic-Motorcycles: 393C7F2B BE8DA4EB

Flamethrower Has Green Flames: E73721D6 D21AF740

Flaming Spray Can: F36D65A0 3624CE3B

Flaming Fire Extinguisher: 52C9C465 B627F3A0

Extinguisher Has Green Flames: C21BBE55 DE3BB9E5

More Car Colors (In Particular Cop Cars): BD5340D8 66BB0926

No Doors On Cars: 827AB985 91B4D881

All Vehicles Have Firetruck Properties: DDB0918B 711A392D

Heli From Hell (Fire Ground Affects): 0E3E42AF DDE9D9E5

More Boat Colors: 3F92378F 991D6696

Ghost World: 8779AE83 E5EFC8DB

Cardboard Cut-Out On Bikes: 98CEF223 00A0DBA4

Blood Shadows: 2BF566EF 46ED458E

Windows Turn Red When Cracked: 3500C3F3 75AEA0F6

Windows Turn Black When Cracked: 0B522EE3 E7914B25

Molotov Has Green Flames: 475EEB46 3A1689B1

Super Car Xplosion: B8884AF5 45D89F78

More Train Colors: 227B4686 F85E2706

(Game Speed Modifier) 100x Game Speed: 18B4B62F D43C6CEA

(Game Speed Modifier) 4x Game Speed: FD45AC35 663DCF6C

(Game Speed Modifier) 2x Game Speed: 07639B8D CB25361C

(Game Speed Modifier) 1/2 Game Speed: F31B3C87 7527190B

(Game Speed Modifier) 1/4 Game Speed: DEDAF3BA 23BFF32B

(Weather Modifier) Sunny Weather: 9136DA06 48DCF4A8

(Weather Modifier) Hazy Weather: B52D5A27 BE5C4B89

(Weather Modifier) Foggy Weather: 6224B5C5 32C2CD97

(Weather Modifier) Rainy Weather: 95019F4D 0AB42FEE

(Weather Modifier) Gray Hazy: DAFAF6F4 85477BEB

(Weather Modifier) Orange Hazy: 980DD2CA BA20427D


Invisible Motorcycles/Bicycles

93490CB7 A30FD38C


Disable Motorcycle/Bicycle Damage (Crashing)

D9444F17 3FBC9092


Disable Water-Motorcycles/Bicycles

0326B73E 58C1CD60
FE74AAE9 25C8E2B4


Invisible Sky

C6593D93 7D253540
4D9398C4 58C0F35E


Invisible Helicopters

6D11B95B 5094556C
F7F8DAED 465FB050


SWAT Always Required

C60B8116 57B7D0D6


SWAT Never Required

C60B8116 57B7D0D6
11965403 66922CB4


FBI Always Required

7B50AC5D B04942E6
3F33CDF5 9D64DBB3


FBI Never Required

7B50AC5D B04942E6


Army Always Required

093CEAC5 F7864F95
59A9DCE4 89DA8376


Army Never Required

093CEAC5 F7864F95
84B81DF1 B1CBD945


Ghost Town

1ECDDA71 69E34A3B
B384AD1A A45CFF32


Cars Dont Stop For Traffic Lights

19CE307A 41F60026
EF1B5380 745B181E


Cars Dont Stop For Bridges

40F357AD 29605D7C
DA555A79 D98D04E9


Cars Dont Stop For Pedestrians

98FAE9C6 384B85A6


Cars Dont Stop For Other Cars

D811F36B A2ED3680
698AF313 05C38B28


Cars Dont Make Way For Cars With Sirens

9645321F 559C5F8A


Invisible Pedestrians

E5821B4C 14011C65
0B938CB1 1DFD820A


Disable Water-Pedestrians

67196301 8A28D343
CE936AFA 67804647


Fire Truck Properties On All Boats

152C3C07 8C30FA88


Boats Never Blow Up

D58540BB 021C46DB
932DC30E 4567E6DB


Invisible Boats

B81D6B51 BFF3023B
7160D046 1CCEAEA8


Invisible Cars

60239D45 FC991C17
22934170 BCE93E30


500 Inch Rims

7F43B29C 42EB1D07
AF6A34F8 7D1625F6


Saving Doesnt Increase Daily Time By 6 Hours

59A85A00 1BCC7134
6AD39795 601E5A42


P1 Hold L1 For Negative Gravity

0F14B64E 0D3368EB
E292520C FC5F4038
1BF183E8 E8B26C15


All Vehicles Have Tank Properties

23B51AA8 18BE1D6F
5035D365 BFE9140E
9710EBAA E6F53ED9


All Vehicles Have Mini RC Tank Properties

23B51AA8 18BE1D6F
1838289B 3EE473EF
53D053B7 22522BCD


Disable Water-Cars

D8A49378 30B8DD27
6B2A50A7 3DCF9F47


Motorcyles Never Blow Up

BC9DC913 8740A29A
87772726 578E28D3


Tires Never Pop (Motorcycles)

168AD42A 20EAE0A7
E2A0B67B 478BA54C


All Vehicles Have No Drivers

0F3303F0 B49CC7FA


Traffic Drives In Mid-Air

774A24B5 E7C59DE1
692F77D9 2173BF02
8AB7C0B2 16691A0D
834F4172 BC14BBFD
8F1C2F0E 368ABAA5
F1EF648F 503B62C1
CA9DF4D4 D8465C9E
66411BD3 279047A0
333F5B63 8197A5C6
A0FF89B2 C9FB069C
7F56462D 9F8E34E5


P1 Press L1 To Make Most Cars Fly Into The Air

5B9FF95C 1EE3ED74
CF5DCC56 3B0DF410
73C868A8 B45341F1
A605E9EE 36E4A7B2
D0C2A979 74FB7DD0
B2B9C467 69A09C5B
6661FB9F 5531D94E
955DC707 4D14A4A8
9EC386A2 6402C65F
4548F8C4 0CC0AEF8
6F0F8610 32FBAC86
2A98E8B6 61AEC55D
879825B3 B912F1D8