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Beyond Good And Evil - Have Item Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Beyond Good And Evil (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Beyond Good And Evil Codebreaker Codes index page and choose a different section.


Camera: 2AC3F21D 00000001

Cutting Pliers: 2ACFF21D 00000001

Fuse: 2ACBF21E 00000001

Dai-Jo: 2AB3F21E 00000001

City-Pass: 2ABBF21E 00000001

Gyrodisc Launcher: 2AABF21E 00000001

Mirror: 2A97F21E 00000001

Flight Stabilizer: 2A93F21E 00000001

Meca-Impulser: 2A9BF21E 00000001

P-O-D: 2A87F21E 00000001

Set Of Pods: 2A83F21E 00000001

Room 03 Ticket: 2A8FF21E 00000001

Animal Detector: 2A8BF21E 00000001

Pearl Detector: 2A77F21E 00000001

Triangular Key: 2A7FF21E 00000001

Square Key: 2A7BF21E 00000001

Box Of K-Bups: 2A67F21E 00000001

Star Key: 2A63F21E 00000001

Armor: 2A6FF21E 00000001

Mdisk: 2A57F21E 00000001

FA 1: 2A53F21E 00000001

Jet-Boots: 2A5FF21E 00000001

Starkos: 2A5BF21E 00000001

Super-Attack Strengthened: 2A47F21E 00000001

'Easy Unit' Card: 2A4BF21E 00000001

Carlson-Peeters: 2A37F21E 00000001

Jump Kit: 2A33F21E 00000001

Boost: 2A3FF21E 00000001

Neutralizing Cannon: 2A3BF21E 00000001

Speedcraft Motor: 2A2FF21E 00000001

Compass: 2A2BF21E 00000001

Stellar Motor: 2A17F21E 00000001

Alpha Section Tickets: 2A1BF21E 00000001