Harvest Moon Back to Nature Power Berries

As with all Harvest Moons there is an ingame item called a Power Berry that boosts your Stamina and lets you do more before becoming exhausted. This guide will tell you the location of each one and a little bit of information of how to acquire it.

1. On the side of Mother's Hill you'll want to use your axe on the lone tree. When it speaks, tell it you won't cut it down.

2. Inside the Waterfall Mine it is randomly dug up with a hoe

3. Throw 5 crops into the water fall and the Harvest Goddess will give you this Power Berry.

4. Win the Swimming Festival on Summer 1st.

5. Outside the winter mine if you go around it to the left you'll find this Power Berry hidden.

6. Randomly dug up in the Winter Mine using the hoe.

7. On some Saturdays a Power Berry will be sold for 5000g instead of any cooking utensils.

8. This Power Berry can be fished up from Mineral Beach during Spring or Winter.

9. Plant 91 flows on your farm, when Anna visits tell her she can pick some flowers

10. At the Horse Race trade in 1001 medals.