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Xenogears Gear Codes

This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for Xenogears, a game for Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker/Gameshark device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide.

Don't see the code that you're looking for on this page? Return to my Xenogears Gameshark/Codebreaker Codes Index page and restart your search there instead!


Andvali Max Attack: 8006E688 FFB5

Andvali Max Defense: 8006E684 FFC3

Andvali Max Ether Defense: 8006E686 4CF3

Andvali Max No Weight: 8006E67C 0000

Andvali Max Have Options: 3006F2D3 00FF


Andvali Max HP

8006E674 967F
8006E676 0098
8006E678 967F
8006E67A 0098


Andvali Max Fuel

8006E64C 270F
8006E64E 270F


Bart Codes

Note: Using the Bart Soldier codes when you are not inside of the Mech will cause your game to freeze/glitch out on you. The reason for this is because this mech was designed to only be used for a specific battle.

Bart Soldier Max Attack: 8006E9BC FFB5

Bart Soldier Max Defense: 8006E9B8 FFC3

Bart Soldier Max Ether Defense: 8006E9BA 4CF3

Bart Soldier Max No Weight: 8006E9B0 0000

Bart Soldier Max Have Options: 3006F607 00FF


Bart Soldier Max HP

8006E9A8 967F
8006E9AA 0098
8006E9AC 967F
8006E9AE 0098


Bart Soldier Max Fuel

8006E980 270F
8006E982 270F


Brigander Codes

Brigander Max Attack: 8006E2B0 FFB5

Brigander Max Defense: 8006E2AC FFC3

Brigander Max Ether Defense: 8006E2AE 4CF3

Brigander Max No Weight: 8006E2A4 0000

Brigander Max Have Options: 3006EEFB 00FF


Brigander Max HP

8006E29C 967F
8006E29E 0098
8006E2A0 967F
8006E2A2 0098


Brigander Max Fuel

8006E274 270F
8006E276 270F

Crescens Codes

Crescens Max Attack: 8006E49C FFB5

Crescens Max Defense: 8006E498 FFC3

Crescens Max Ether Defense: 8006E49A 4CF3

Crescens Max No Weight: 8006E490 0000

Crescens Max Have Options: 3006F0E7 00FF


Crescens Max HP

8006E488 967F
8006E48A 0098
8006E48C 967F
8006E48E 0098


Crescens Max Fuel

8006E460 270F
8006E462 270F

El Regrs Codes

Note: Using the El Regrs codes when you are not inside of the Mech will cause your game to freeze/glitch out on you. The reason for this is because this mech was designed to only be used for a specific battle.

El Regrs Max Attack: 8006E540 FFB5

El Regrs Max Defense: 8006E53C FFC3

El Regrs Max Ether Defense: 8006E53E 4CF3

El Regrs Max No Weight: 8006E534 0000

El Regrs Max Have Options: 3006F18B 00FF


El Regrs Max HP

8006E52C 967F
8006E52E 0098
8006E530 967F
8006E532 0098


El Regrs Max Fuel

8006E504 270F
8006E506 270F

Fenrir Codes

Fenrir Max Attack: 8006E5E4 FFB5

Fenrir Max Defense: 8006E5E0 FFC3

Fenrir Max Ether Defense: 8006E5E2 4CF3

Fenrir Max No Weight: 8006E5D8 0000

Fenrir Max Have Options: 3006F22F 00FF


Fenrir Max HP

8006E5D0 967F
8006E5D2 0098
8006E5D4 967F
8006E5D6 0098


Fenrir Max Fuel

8006E5A8 270F
8006E5AA 270F


Heimdal Codes

Heimdal Max Attack: 8006E20C FFB5

Heimdal Max Defense: 8006E208 FFC3

Heimdal Max Ether Defense: 8006E20A 4CF3

Heimdal Max No Weight: 8006E200 0000

Heimdal Max Have Options: 3006EE57 00FF


Heimdal Max HP

8006E1F8 967F
8006E1FA 0098
8006E1FC 967F
8006E1FE 0098


Heimdal Max Fuel

8006E1D0 270F
8006E1D2 270F


Heimdal 2 Codes


Heimdal 2 Max Attack: 8006E918 FFB5

Heimdal 2 Max Defense: 8006E914 FFC3

Heimdal 2 Max Ether Defense: 8006E916 4CF3

Heimdal 2 Max No Weight: 8006E90C 0000

Heimdal 2 Max Have Options: 3006F563 00FF


Heimdal 2 Max HP

8006E904 967F
8006E906 0098
8006E908 967F
8006E90A 0098


Heimdal 2 Max Fuel

8006E8DC 270F
8006E8DE 270F


Renmazuo Codes


Renmazuo Max Attack: 8006E354 FFB5

Renmazuo Max Defense: 8006E350 FFC3

Renmazuo Max Ether Defense: 8006E352 4CF3

Renmazuo Max No Weight: 8006E348 0000

Renmazuo Max Have Options: 3006EF9F 00FF


Renmazuo Max HP

8006E340 967F
8006E342 0098
8006E344 967F
8006E346 0098


Renmazuo Max Fuel

8006E318 270F
8006E31A 270F


Renmazuoi Codes


Renmazuoi Max Attack: 8006E72C FFB5

Renmazuoi Max Defense: 8006E728 FFC3

Renmazuoi Max Ether Defense: 8006E72A 4CF3

Renmazuoi Max No Weight: 8006E720 0000

Renmazuoi Max Have Options: 3006F377 00FF


Renmazuoi Max HP

8006E718 967F
8006E71A 0098
8006E71C 967F
8006E71E 0098


Renmazuoi Max Fuel

8006E6F0 270F
8006E6F2 270F


Siebzen Codes


Siebzen Max Attack: 8006E49C FFB5

Siebzen Max Defense: 8006E498 FFC3

Siebzen Max Ether Defense: 8006E49A 4CF3

Siebzen Max No Weight: 8006E490 0000

Siebzen Max Have Options: 3006F0E7 00FF


Siebzen Max HP

8006E488 967F
8006E48A 0098
8006E48C 967F
8006E48E 0098


Siebzen Max Fuel

8006E460 270F
8006E462 270F

Stier Codes


Stier Max Attack: 8006E3F8 FFB5

Stier Max Defense: 8006E3F4 FFC3

Stier Max Ether Defense: 8006E3F6 4CF3

Stier Max No Weight: 8006E3EC 0000

Stier Max Have Options: 3006F043 00FF


Stier Max HP

8006E3E4 967F
8006E3E6 0098
8006E3E8 967F
8006E3EA 0098


Stier Max Fuel

8006E3BC 270F
8006E3BE 270F

Stier 2 Codes

Stier 2 Max Attack: 8006E7D0 FFB5

Stier 2 Max Defense: 8006E7CC FFC3

Stier 2 Max Ether Defense: 8006E7CE 4CF3

Stier 2 Max No Weight: 8006E7C4 0000

Stier 2 Max Have Options: 3006F41B 00FF


Stier 2 Max HP

8006E7BC 967F
8006E7BE 0098
8006E7C0 967F
8006E7C2 0098


Stier 2 Max Fuel

8006E794 270F
8006E796 270F


Vierge Codes

Vierge Max Attack: 8006E168 FFB5

Vierge Max Defense: 8006E164 FFC3

Vierge Max Ether Defense: 8006E166 4CF3

Vierge Max No Weight: 8006E15C 0000

Vierge Max Have Options: 3006EDB3 00FF


Vierge Max HP

8006E154 967F
8006E156 0098
8006E158 967F
8006E15A 0098


Vierge Max Fuel

8006E12C 270F
8006E12E 270F


WelTall Codes


WelTall Max Attack: 8006E024 FFB5

WelTall Max Defense: 8006E020 FFC3

WelTall Max Ether Defense: 8006E022 4CF3

WelTall Max No Weight: 8006E014 0000

WelTall Max Have Options: 3006EC6B 00FF


WelTall Max HP

8006E00C 967F
8006E00E 0098
8006E010 967F
8006E012 0098


WelTall Max Fuel

8006DFE4 270F
8006DFE6 270F


WelTall-2 Codes

WelTall-2 Max Attack: 8006E0C4 FFB5

WelTall-2 Max Defense: 8006E0C0 FFC3

WelTall-2 Max Ether Defense: 8006E0C2 4CF3

WelTall-2 Max No Weight: 8006E0B8 0000

WelTall-2 Max Have Options: 3006ED0F 00FF


WelTall-2 Max HP

8006E0B0 967F
8006E0B2 0098
8006E0B4 967F
8006E0B6 0098


WelTall-2 Max Fuel

8006E088 270F
8006E08A 270F

Xenogears Codes

Xenogears Max Attack: 8006E874 FFB5

Xenogears Max Defense: 8006E870 FFC3

Xenogears Max Ether Defense: 8006E872 4CF3

Xenogears Max No Weight: 8006E868 0000

Xenogears Max Have Options: 3006F4BF 00FF


Xenogears Max HP

8006E860 967F
8006E862 0098
8006E864 967F
8006E866 0098


Xenogears Max Fuel

8006E838 270F
8006E83A 270F


Yggdrasil IV Codes

Note: Using the Yggdrasil IV codes when you are not inside of the Mech will cause your game to freeze/glitch out on you. The reason for this is because this mech was designed to only be used for a specific battle.


Yggdrasil IV Max Attack: 8006EA60 FFB5

Yggdrasil IV Max Defense: 8006EA5C FFC3

Yggdrasil IV Max Ether Defense: 8006EA5E 4CF3

Yggdrasil IV Max No Weight: 8006EA54 0000

Yggdrasil IV Max Have Options: 3006F6AB 00FF


Yggdrasil IV Max HP

8006EA4C 967F
8006EA4E 0098
8006EA50 967F
8006EA52 0098


Yggdrasil IV Max Fuel

8006EA24 270F
8006EA26 270F