The Runestone at Caer Darrow Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 8

The Runestone at Caer Darrow Enemy Base


- Destroy the Human Castle
- Secure the Runestone


At the start of this level you will want to focus entirely on building up your base. You don't really need to worry about self defense during this first bit; you start with a dozen or so different units which will defend you against any unwanted attacks. If anything you should expand your naval fleet by a little bit that way you can protect both your base and Oil Platform. After about 10 - 20minutes enemies will start attacking you from the east, but they send small amounts of ground units at you - nothing you can't handle.

Your short term goal is to complete your base and build 8 - 10 Ogre Juggernaut ships. We'll be using these to wreck havoc on the enemy base in a little bit. Whenever you decide that you need more resources, there's a gold mine just to the east of the base you start at as well as another gold mine to the south - on the island right below the closest oil spot.

Before attacking the enemy base, you'll want to have an army of the following troops...

8 - 10 Ogre Juggernaut Ships (fully upgraded cannons + armor)
1 maybe 2 Goblin Zeppelins (to see Submarines)

1 Orc Transport and 10 Troll Berserkers/10 Ogres and 5 Catapults

Leave your melee units at your base for now to protect it, send the fleet of Ogre Juggernaut to the enemy island and blow up half of it - that's about all you can do with 10 destroyers. Now, it's time to remake the landing at Normandy; pick up your troops with Orc Transports and send them to the island ready to slaughter. Keep making Berserkers, Ogres and Catapults and sending them to the island in waves until you capture the island and take the Runestone.

The Runestone at Caer Darrow Runestone