Tol Barad Horde Tides of Darkness Mission 5

Tol Barad Alliance Town to Destroy



- Retake Dun Modr
- Destroy Tol Badar


You start this map in the upper right hand corner, move to the south and destroy the village of humans, build a Great Hall and begin to collect resources. Build up your base and some units to protect yourself as quick as possible, you'll be under attack by enemies every once in awhile.

After you've build up a small base build a Shipyard and a fleet of Troll Destroyers; make 6 at minimum for this job. Take the fleet of ships around the ocean and destroy all the enemies ships you come across as well as attack any units dumb enough to stand close enough to the sea to be shot by you.

Meanwhile make at least 10 Grunts, 6 Axe Throwers and 2 Catapults as well as 3 Transport Ships to carry all these guys (or 2 ships and you just make two trips). Load up all your units on the Transport Ships and sail them to the southwest portion of the map which is where you will find the main alliance base.

Tol Barad on Fire
Southwest Portion of the map you will find the main Alliance base.

If you destroy all of the units on the island but the level doesn't auto complete it's likely because you left some of the Alliance ships alive. Sail your fleet of Destroyers around the map and look for any ships that still remain. Or use your Goblin Zeppelin to search for them, that's faster.