Southshore Horde Tides of Darkness Mission 3

Build an Oil Platform



- Build a Shipyard
- Build 4 Oil Platforms


This is the first mission that actually requires a brain to beat for the Horde. The first thing you will want to do is build a Shipyard, to do that you will first need to build a few Farms, a Barracks and a Lumber Mill. Once you do this it'll open up the 'Build Advanced Structure' option on your Peons. In this category you will find a Shipyard which you'll want to build on the shore line of your island.

After you've made the Shipyard build some Destroyers (4 or 5 should do) and send them around the map defeating all of the Human units that you come across; there's a few ships you'll need to destroy for our Oil Tankers to safely navigate the waters and build the platforms we need.

In order to build the Oil Platforms that we need you'll first need to make an Oil Tanker ship which is capable of constructing an Oil Platform over one of the darker round spots in the water.