The Fall of Lordaeron Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 14

The Fall of Lordaeron Main Base


- Destroy all that you behold in the name of the Horde


Start this level immediately by building a Barracks with one of the two nearby Peons. Once the Barracks is done Auto-Build at least 5 Grunts. As for your base in the east you'll want to use one of the available Peons over there to build a Great Hall and some farms. The eastern base is never attacked until the enemy gets their hands on Gryphons at which point it'll usually start being attacked infrequently.

I'd recommend holding off on making any ships until you have your base situation completely under control. Make a few Catapults to place near the coast and a few Cannon Towers as well since the enemy likes to attack with Submarines and not ships. For the first 20 minutes of this level you'll primarily be focusing on expanding on your two main bases and fending off attacks against your western base. Also you need to be careful when it comes to expanding your eastern base. To the west of you on the other side of the forest the Alliance have about a dozen troops, a mix between catapults, knights and archers.

When you're ready to punch back against the Alliance, make a Dragon Roost and some Dragons. Take the Dragons to the batch of Alliance just west of your base in the east - the Alliance troops here won't be able to fight back at all against the dragons so you'll be able to easily decimate them. Now this base is much safer and you can let your Peons harvest the trees without having to worry about them being killed.

The Fall of Lordaeron Dragons vs Alliance

Now is when you can relax a bit and start exploring the whole map, building a Shipyard and constructing some naval defenses. The Alliance on this level are located on an extremely large island to the north; once I am ready to attack this island I usually start by crippling one of their Oil Platforms and defeating most of their naval fleet as they try and fix the platform.

Then I move in to attack the western side of the island, taking out all of the structures that I can with my boats and eventually loading up Orc Transports and sending ground units onto this island. In the center portion of this large island you'll find a gold mine which will likely have 100,000G still in it that the enemies haven't harvested yet. If you run out of resources half way through destroying this island send some Peons up to here and make a Great Hall.