The Seize of Dalaran Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 13

The Seize of Dalaran Base


- Destroy Dalaran
- Destroy the Alliance's Defenders


This is the penultimate scenario and it's arguably much easier than the one before it. You'll have to play very conservatively and plan your attacks well to take down your opponent on this map. However, you won't have to deal with the insistent attacks like we had to on the previous map. When the level starts move all of your troops south until you reach a gold mine; this is where you'll be making your base at.

The majority of attacks against you will be from the air and they'll come from the north direction over the water. To counter these attacks you'll want to make a few Towers throughout your town as well as a few Troll Berserkers which have Regeneration. Don't make that many Trolls before you unlock Regeneration, the purpose of Regeneration is to make sure they don't die and lowers our overall resource cost.

In addition, don't focus entirely on Ogre Juggernaut ships this time - they are unable to hit the Gryphons which leaves them completely vulnerable to their attacks. Only the Troll Destroyer ships can hit the Gryphons so the majority of your sea defense should be Destroyer ships.

When you run out of resources near your first base head directly east to find another gold mine surrounded by a small forest. Construct a few towers at this location to protect it from aerial gryphons and then focus entirely on assaulting the enemy base.

The Seize of Dalaran Second Base

As for the enemy base, it's extremely well fortified with about 40 different towers. You'll want to very slowly take this base, leading the charge with mostly Troll Berserkers and Catapults. Use the Catapults to take out the towers from a distance and the Troll Berserkers to take out any Gryphons that attack.

It's also reccomended that you make a Dragon Roost (Advanced Building) so that you can start making your own Gryphons - which are called Dragons for us! Take these Dragons and combine them with your naval fleet (2 - 4 Troll Destroyers and 4 Ogre Juggernauts make a good naval fleet for this level) and patrol the central island taking out every tower, catapult and other building which can be reached with these ships. Use the Dragons to protect from Submarine attacks and Gryphon attacks.