Tomb of Sargeras Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 12

Tomb of Sargeras Town with sea defense


- Destroy the Stormreaver Clan
- Destroy the Twilight's Hammer Clan


At the start of the level load up your transport ships with your ground units (leave behind the Peons for now) and sail east to the second island you come across; the one with the gold mine on it. Use your ships to blast away at the ogres on this island then unload your transport ships to defeat the enemies that are left.

Bring all but one Peon over to this island and build a Great Hall here. Position your Catapults around the edges of the island for defense and as quickly as possible construct a Shipyard and an Oil Platform at the oil spot to the north. All of the future attacks against you will be by sea and most of our future attacks will be by sea too - a strong naval fleet is necessary.

Whenever you need to build more Farms use the one Peon you left behind on island 1. When you run out of Lumber to harvest place a Peon on the smaller island to the west of your island, make a Lumber Mill and have him collect the lumber there. Once you've built up a small naval fleet and your base is situated sail your ships to the northeast where you'll find another island which is home to a gold mine, shown in the screen shot below.

Island with gold mineWarcraft 2 tome of sargeras

Use your Orc Transports to get some of your guys on that island and take it over. Build a base there and harvest the resources. I recommend you mostly attack the enemy with land units since gold and lumber are more plentiful than oil for this map. Guard each Oil Platform with a Great Sea Turtle or two as well as an Ogre Juggernaut. The Ogre Juggernauts will constantly be defeated but the Great Sea Turtles are hard to beat since your enemy rarely brings a Zeppelin when they attack or an Eye of Kilrog.

Throughout the first half of this mission you should expect to be constantly under attack. The majority of your time and resources are going to go towards defending your town and your units. Eventually the enemy will run out of resources and stop attacking you, this is when I finally make my move and complete the level. For the last part of the mission you'll need to destroy the walls surrounding the final units with Goblin Sappers.