The Destruction of Stratholme Orc Tides of Darkness Mission 10

The Destruction of Stratholme BaseThe Destruction of Stratholme - Stratholme


- Destroy all Oil Platforms
- Destroy Refineries
- Destroy Stratholme


When you first start this level you'll want to use the Goblin Sappers to destroy the stone walls surrounding their enclosing. Due east of where you start out you'll find a gold mine, shown in my screen shot above. You'll want to build your base around this gold mine on the little bit of land you have available.

Throughout this level you're almost never attacked by the enemy so you don't have to worry too much about building up protection for your base. Your main goal is going to be constructing a large army to take on Stratholme to the north and a small naval fleet for our sea objectives.

Another hardship with this level is you're very limited in resources. As early as you possibly can you'll want to send a small army up north and build a base near the gold mine that's just south of the entrance to Stratholme (shown in my screenshot below). The enemy will be after this gold mine too, typically sending a non stop stream of Peons down to the mine even after you've built a Great Hall next to it. I've had mixed luck building a Great Hall here, I found it to be easier to instead build 3 Barracks in the area and set them to Auto-Build an army non stop.

Base near stratholme

You will have to keep an eye on this area at all times because the enemy likes to play games with you, sending a Paladin out and luring your troops back to the entrance of the city. If this happens your troops will be decimated due to how heavily fortified the enemy base is. The easiest way to penetrate the city and take it down is using Goblin Sappers. If you fly around the town using the Goblin Zeppelin you'll see that only certain spots are heavily protected. There's some portions of the town without many units or towers protecting it - we'll want to take advantage of this!

Goblin Sappers can be used to take out the towers rather easily or you can use Catapults since they can reach the towers but the towers can't reach them. If you decide to use Catapults you'll need to also build troops to protect them. If you choose to use Goblin Sappers you'll need to have at least one or two troops able to distract enemy fire long enough for him to get in there and blow up your target.

Honestly the best strategy I found was to starve the enemy of resources, particularly gold, while fending off their attacks. They'll blow most of their remaining gold on Peons which they send on suicide missions to try and reach the gold mine that you have control of.

Once you've built up a good size army, something like 20 - 30 troops and you have a clear path of entry into Stratholme, head inside and raze the town. I lead with Catapults and Troll Berserkers to back them up followed by Ogres to make up my melee units.

After you've laid waste to the town of Stratholme you'll want to make a few Ogre Juggernauts and send them around the ocean taking out all of the enemies boats and Oil Platforms. Also take out their naval port on the western end of their town. Once you've done all that the level will be complete!