Tyrs Hand Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 8

Tyrs Hand Town and Full Map


- Quell the Peasant Uprising
- Build a Castle
- Destroy enemy forces


When this level begins the first thing you'll need to do is send your Knights north into town and destroy the orange peasants who are whacking the buildings. With them out of the way you'll want to start building your town as quickly as possible. I highly recommend building at least two Guard Towers which you'll place at the northern and northwestern entrances to your town - you're attacked from these two areas most often.

After you've constructed your defenses you'll want to make a Gnomish Flying Machine and explore the entire map. You'll notice that there are 3 Horde towns on this level, one in the northeast, one in the northwest and one down in the southwest. Our goal is to capture one of these towns as quickly as possible so that we can steal their gold mine while it still has a lot of gold left in it. The most vulnerable and easiest Horde town to defeat is the one that's west of our town.

Construct an army of at least 10 Elven Rangers, 10 Knights, 3 Ballistas and send them over to the Horde town west of us and lay waste to it. As always, use the Ballistas to take out towers that are far away and protect those Ballistas with your ground units so they don't get destroyed.

Tyrs Hand Second Town

Once you've captured the town to the west it'll be time to take the town north of it. It's pretty much as easy as the other one so you should be able to take it while using the same units. Make sure you upgrade your Town Hall to a Castle so that you can build a Church, the new Advanced Structure for this level. It allows us to upgrade our Knights into Paladins which have the ability to heal friendly units. This will save us a large cost in resources since we'll be able to heal our units after each battle.

With two towns captured it'll be time to wage war on the final Horde town in the northwest part of the map. You've got plenty of resources you can basically just zerg the town if you want without any strategy.