Grim Batol Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 7

Grim Batol Catapults


- Destroy 5 Oil Refineries


When this level begins the first thing you will want to do is head south and free the two Catapults from the enclosure, shown in my screen shot above. Once you've got these under your control you will want to head back north and put all of your units into the transport ships.

Sail to the south - just east of where we picked up the two Catapults you'll find a shore to land on without any of the large rocks blocking the way. This is where you'll be unloading your troops at. Just to the northeast of this location is a Horde base with two watch towers. You'll want to kamikaze one unit into this area so you can get a lock on the Cannon Towers that they have.

Use your Catapults to take out the Cannon Towers and then send another single unit into the area to discover another Guard Tower. Take this out with a Catapult and then you can finally send all your remaining troops into the Horde town and destroy it. Build your Town Hall in the same place that they had their Great Hall and get to work with constructing a base.

Grim Batol Base Building

Before you construct a Shipyard make sure you've made all the other buildings that you will need and at least one or two Ballistas or a Cannon Tower to protect the harbor. Not too far off shore there's Troll Destroyers waiting for you to build a Shipyard to attack - they won't attack prior to you building one which is why I suggest waiting until you're ready to handle them.

Once you've made the Shipyard you'll want to do two things, build 1 Transport ship and put a Peasant on it. Sail it to the island just southeast of where we made our base and make another Town Hall on this island. This is the only other gold mine that's in range of our base. Be warned though, the southern portion of this island has 3 or 4 Troll Destroyer ships there ready to blast away at anyone who steps foot on the island.

That brings us to the second thing we need to do - make at least 3 or 4 Battleships which we'll then use to wreck havoc on the Troll Destroyers near our gold island! Make sure you save some gold to build a Town Hall once you reach the island otherwise you're going to either have to start over or keep running Transport ships back and forth with Peasants on them collecting enough gold until you can make a Town Hall there.

Our goal now is to make a naval fleet of at least 10 Battleships and a Refinery; use the Refinery to fully upgrade our ships then attack all of the enemies naval units. Remember you don't need to destroy the enemies base, just all of the buildings along the coast to complete the level.