Dun Algaz Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 6

Dun Algaz Town and Full Map


- Destroy Dun Algaz


At the start of this level focus entirely on building up your town and strengthening your defenses. We'll be attack by enemies infrequently throughout this entire level so I'd recommend a tower or two to protect your city and some ground troops early on. Aside from the gold mine that's in our town you'll also find a gold mine to the west which has 25000G in it.

Use the Lumber Mill and the Blacksmith to upgrade your troops as much as you can before you decide to attack the Horde base at the southern end of the map. You should also upgrade your Town Hall so we can make some new Advanced Structures, such as the Stables which allows us to make Knights. These guys are pretty powerful foot soldiers and will take the place of your Footmen that you make with the Barracks.

You can also build a Gnomish Flying Machine through the Advanced Structures options; then you can use that to fly around the entire map and explore all the dark spots and see what's around you. Do this while Auto-Building your forces up. Once you have a sizeable army of about 20 - 30 units it'll be time to attack the Horde base down south. I'd recommend going down the western most land bridge since there's an additional gold mine there that we'll likely need in a little bit. It's also best to seize control of the gold mine before the computer does!

As for the Horde base at the south, you'll want to attack it with some Ballistas and Knights. Use the Ballistas from a distance to take out the towers (towers cant hit Ballistas making them the perfect weapon to use against them) and have the Knights protect the Ballistas from any ground units that get close.