Tol Barad Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 5

Tol Barad town with full map


- Reclaim Tol Barad
- Destroy Dun Modr


The first thing you need to do on this level is send your troops into the town of Tol Barad, the same town that's being attacked by orcs. Do this as quick as possible, the longer you wait the more of the town you lose! After taking back the town use the Gnomish Flying Machine to explore the whole map. There are two gold mines to the north on two different islands and throughout the map you'll find small islands full of trees which are more valuable than gold on this map!

All in all this map is fairly easy, you'll want to build a fleet of Elven Destroyers, about 8 ships and send them to the enemy town to knock out their naval units and anything close to the shore. After that you'll want to fill up Elven Transportation ships with Footmen and Archers and unload them onto the island that Dun Modr is on. I'd avoid building a lot of Catapults since they kinda suck for this mission. Though they are useful for taking out the guard towers.