Southshore Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 3

Southshore Fully Explored Map


- Build a Shipyard
- Build four Oil Platforms


For this level you'll mostly be learning how to build and gathering resources. Build a Barracks so we can clear our island of Horde, some Farms so we can have more units and a Lumber Mill so you can learn what it does. There are only four of five Horde enemies on this island so don't go overboard with making ground units. Our main goal is to make a Shipyard and some boats.

The Shipyard is one of the Advanced Structures that you can make after having made a Lumber Yard. Just east of the Shipyard is a spot of oil in the water. If you make an Oil Tanker ship you'll be able to harvest this oil which then can be used for making Elven Destroyers, among other things.

Make 4+ Elven Destroyers and then set sail on the southern seas to take out all of the Troll Destroyer Ships and destroy their town. Now in order to finish the map you will need to use your Oil Tankers and build four more Oil Platforms.