The Battle At Crestfall Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 12

The Battle At Crestfall full map


- Destroy Orc Transports
- Destroy all Oil Derricks
- Destroy all Shipyards


The majority of this level takes place with battles at sea. That means you'll want to build a Shipyard and get a strong naval fleet going as soon as possible. Make sure to keep a Gnomish Flying Machine with your ships or a submarine that way you can spot the Great Turtles that the enemy uses.

For the first 20 - 30 minutes you'll most likely be playing defensively and building up your naval fleet. When it's finally large to both attack and continue protecting your base, send some of the units up to one of the two Oil Platforms that the Horde are using. Destroy the platform and all of the ships that are using it - the Horde will attack you, stay in this position and defend the Oil. If you'd like, you can send some Oil Tankers up here and build your own platform too - but it'll likely get destroyed.

After you've got the Oil Platform under control make two transport ships and send troops to the two nearby islands. These islands have some Horde on them as well as gold mines! The usual strategy works for these islands, use Ballistas to take out the towers that you can't reach with ships and Paladins/Archers for everything else. You'll need to destroy the walls that cover the islands to place your buildings in some cases.

Once you've got control of one of the two islands and have a town hall built on it make an Oil Refinery and an Oil Platform at the location we just stole from the Horde. There's another Oil spot nearby that the Horde uses too - that's our next target. When you take control of this second oil spot you'll cut off the enemies supply for oil which means they won't be able to keep attacking you with ships for much longer.