Betrayal and the Destruction of Alterac Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 11

Betrayal and the Destruction of Alterac Peasants


- Free the Mages and Peasents
- Destroy Alterac


At the start of this level, before you're able to build or gather any resources you need to free the Mages and Peasents which are all the way up north. Send your ground units up along the path until you reach the stronghold in the north. Send in one or two characters so you can light up the area and figure out where all of the towers are located.

Much like with all of the other levels where we have to deal with towers, let your Ballistas do the talking otherwise your casualty count will be through the roof. As an alternative, since this level gives us access to some new units, you're able to use the Dwarven Sappers instead to take out the towers. This is a bit riskier since they die in one shot and I prefer the Ballistas but to each their own.

Once you've sprung your allies from jail head back down to town and quickly start to gather resources and construct defenses. You're going to be under attack during this level quite a bit. I reccomend making a few towers to protect your town and Rangers as your primary unit for defense. Knights are the second best ones to make for defense primarily since you can upgrade them into Paladins and then use them to heal units that are hurt.

In the far southeast you'll find another gold mine which has over 50,000G in it - enough to carry you through the rest of the level easily. It's guarded by a few enemy units, one of them being a dragon (this is where the Rangers come in handy). After you've taken control of both gold mines it's time to start considering how to attack the enemies base. I personally prefer a pincer attack, coming in through the forest and taking the base out from behind.

Warcraft 2 Pincer AttackWarcraft 2 Pincer attack
Attack the enemies base through the forest.

You can enter through the woods one of two ways, you can use Goblin Sappers and blow up all the trees or you can slowly work your way in using Peasents and farming the lumber. I prefer farming the lumber because the slow crawl in lets you take out a lot of units with the Ballistas.

Once you're inside you can easily wreck havoc on the town, use Ballistas at the front of the line and Rangers and Knights to back them up. I finished the level with over 50,000 gold and lumber using this strategy.