The Prisoners Alliance Tides of Darkness Mission 10

The Prisoners Location


- Build Transports at Stratholme
- Transport 4 Alterac Traitors to the Circle of Power at Caer Darrow


You start this level on an island in the northeastern part of the map; there's also a small enclosure down south that you can see on the map as well with some Footmen and Prisoners. Your objective is to build transport ships and send them to these prisoners and bring them back up to the Circle of Power in our town.

I'd recommend using some of the Footmen down south and attacking your fellow units. This will free up some farm space very early on in the level which makes things a whole lot easier. After you do this, explore your island and start making some Peasants. There's two gold mines on this island and we're going to take full advantage!

Build a Barracks as early as possible too and some soldiers - enemies attack us very frequently on this level; typically four soldiers at a time a mix of Melee and Archers. Nothing that's difficult to handle. While constructing your town make a few towers around the edge of the island to help ward off the enemy attacks. Make a Gnomish Flying Machine and explore the whole map so we can better understand what we have to do.

Throughout this level you have to play very conservatively. They don't give you many resources to work with and you're constantly under attack by the Horde from the northwestern corner of the map. You're going to want to build up a strong naval fleet to protect your Oil Platform and to destroy some of the towers and enemies that are on the land bridge to the south.

The Prisoners Place to Make Landfall
Where you make landfall and setup base 2.

You're also going to want to build a lot of melee units and towers to protect your town since the enemy is going to send a Transport ship with 4 or 5 soldiers in it over to your town once every 5 minutes or so. I recommend Guard Towers since they can't easily be destroyed by these enemies so long as you're on the ball with repairing them each time they're attacked.

Here's a quick list of what you gotta do....

1. Build a few towers to protect your town
2. Build up a small melee army
3. Build up a semi large naval fleet with mostly Battleships
4. Build a single transport ship

When you've finished all of that attack the town that's on the land bridge to the south with some of your ships. When it's cleared enough send your small army over there on a transport ship then send some Peasants over there. Construct a Town Hall, raid the gold mine and make another Shipyard on the southern end of the island.

For this last part of the mission you're going to want to destroy as many towers as possible along the windy path that leads to the prisoners. I recommend making 3 - 4 Battleships and using them to take out the towers then making a transport ship to travel down and pick everyone up. You don't need to bring all the prisoners back to the Circle of Power, 1 full Transport ship is all I needed to complete the level.