The Tomb of Sargeras Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 9

The Tomb of Sargeras Alter of the damned


- Slay the Daemon who holds the jeweled scepter


If you haven't learned how to play the Death Knight in Warcraft II, you gon' learn now! Basically the only way for you to beat this level is to keep your Death Knight unit alive and well and to make the most of the abilities that he has available. You begin the level in control of one Death Knight and a few other units. Begin by traveling east where you'll encounter some skeletons and other enemies.

Eventually you'll come across a town with a bunch of Farms and a Shipyard. At the Shipyard you're going to want to make an Orc Transport to carry our troops, it's the only ship that you're able to make at this time. Save your game because now is where things can get a bit tricky. East of where the Shipyard is there's a small island with an Altar of the Damned on it as well as one Mage and a few skeletons.

Drive around the island for a little bit until the Mage wastes all of his mana on Fireballs then make landfall and have your troops beat everyone up on the island. Claim the Altar of the Damned and purchase the upgrades available for the Death Knight. Hop back on the Orc Transport and travel north up the river, make beach on the eastern side otherwise you'll be slaughtered.

Search the eastern shore to discover a Lumber Mill and some more ground units. Purchase the available upgrade at the Lumber Mill for your Troll Axethrowers and then go to the beach up north. Nearby there is a small enclosure with two Elven Archers. Take them out with Death and Decay and use their bodies for skeleton fodder. To the west there are a few skeletons to fight and then an Alliance Tower. Take the tower out using the Death Knight's Death and Decay ability and then continue west.

Horde in EnclosureHorde Landing on Beach

You will eventually come to an enclosure of friendly units. You'll want to break the wall that holds them and claim all of the units. Once you do, very quickly highlight them all then run to the east because Alliance towers will start firing away at you. Now it's time to tackle the beach that's to the south. Save your game because if the Alliance agro you before you're ready for this next part you die.

Load up your troops but leave behind your Death Knight and any skeletons you might have. These guys will be immediately Exorcised by the Paladin and killed; even worse bringing either of these will cause the Alliance to instantly attack you the moment they leave the Transport. After you've moved the majority of your troops to this beach unleash hell on the Alliance - don't go too far inland yet though there's a tower surrounded by water just ahead. Once you're positive the Paladin is dead bring your Death Knight down to this beach and take out the tower with Death and Decay.

To the west there are more skeleton enemies and to the south you'll find a small Alliance encampment with a Blacksmith and a Catapult that you can claim for yourself inside. Use the Death Knight to defeat the tower from a distance and take the Alliance soldiers out with your ground units. Use the Blacksmith and the Lumber Mill to upgrade the Armor and Damage of your land units (ignore Catapult upgrades).

Further southwest of the Blacksmith you'll find more skeletons and an enemy mage. Save your game and keep trying to defeat the mage until you get lucky and don't lose many troops doing so. Further southeast of the mage is even more Alliance enemies, use Raise Dead on them for skeletons and prepare yourself for another tower, some Ballistas and more Alliance troops + another enemy mage. To safely defeat them you'll want to use the Death Knight's Death and Decay ability.

North of this encampment are two more Paladins; you'll want to sacrifice your skeletons so that your Death Knight doesn't die. North of the Paladins is the Daemon which is the end of the level. What I did to beat the Daemon is I sent the remainder of my troops into the area to agro him and all the other enemy skeletons then used Deathcoil twice to defeat them all rather quickly.

The Tomb of Sargeras Daemon