Assault on Kul'Tiras Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 8

Assault on Kul Tiras Second Base


- Destroy Kul Tiras navy
- Destroy the Human Settlement on Kul Tiras (Green)


Again, the hardest part of this level is the first part prior to building your base. You begin the level in the southeastern most corner with a huge army available. What you're going to want to do is load up your Orc Transports and sail directly west to the island that we're going to be making our base on. Use all your ships and Dragon to protect your Orc Transports on their way to the island.

When you arrive build a Great Hall immediately as well as a few Farms. While your town is building you'll want to use your naval fleet and send it up the coast line taking out the enemies ships and any buildings they have close enough to the shore. At the same time you're going to want to move all of your land units that are capable of fighting to the north and on the other side of the small land bridge. There's another gold mine up here that we're going to be taking advantage of shortly, but for now just focus on protecting the main base down south with these units.

Once you've cleared out as much of the Alliance base as you can with your naval fleet and all of the ships are destroyed you will want to take one Peon up north to where the ground units are and make a Great Hall nearby the gold mine. As the Great Hall is being built you'll want to construct at least three Guard Towers along each side of it to protect from Gryphon Riders from the north and land units from the east.

Now is when you can finally start constructing your base and upgrading units. Build two Barracks and one of everything you plan to use - any ONLY what you plan to use.

Assault on Kul Tiras Ready to Attack

The most resource effective way of taking out the enemy is to construct an Altar of the Damned and to make a few Death Knights. You'll use the Death Knights for their Death and Decay ability which allows you to completely devastate large swaths of the enemy town without much effort. You can also use their Raise Dead ability to drain the Paladins mana.

If you're playing on the computer, Ogre-Magi are rather effective too using their Bloodlust ability. Sadly if you're playing on the Playstation, trying to use this ability with a controller and not a mouse/keyboard is a royal pain in the arse. Finally your last strategy would be to use Dragons to take out basically all units and Death Knights to take out the enemies towers/town.