Seas of Azeroth Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 7

Seas of Azeroth Fully Explored Map


- Build 5 Shipyards
- Destroy all enemy ships


Start this level by rushing to gather as much gold as humanly possible. Keep making more Peons as you build more Farms; you should also build Guard Towers along the northern and southern end of your city to protect us from all of the attacks that are about to start happening.

Once you have about 25 Peons gathering gold and harvesting lumber for you as well as at least 3 towers protecting your northern and southern borders you'll want to use one of your available Peons to pull Alliance troops into range of your towers then repair the towers. You should also make a Catapult or two as we're going to need them to protect the harbor as we make our Shipyards.

There's an Oil spot just southwest of our slab of land, however, it's extremely close to the enemy base, within range of their Catapults. This complicates things a bit since it'll make getting oil rather difficult. Construct at least two Shipyards and a Foundry right away. Make a few Oil Tankers to fetch the precious oil then focus entirely on building Troll Destroyers to take out the pesky Gryphons and Troll Juggernaut to take out anything that attacks our Oil Platform.

The small island to our southwest has a gold mine on it with over 100,000G in it - if you couldn't already have guessed that's our next spot for building a Great Hall. Make sure you don't blow all your gold before capturing that island or you'll be screwed!

After you've captured the island southwest of us you'll want to focus on building Dragon Roosts (I typically do 2 or 3) and building up an army of Dragons. Remember that in order to beat this level all you need to do is destroy every enemy ship - you don't have to attack the enemies towns in the northwest or in the south. I prefer to roll around with 5 - 8 Dragons and about the same amount of Troll Juggernaut. The Dragons will protect you from any Gryphon Riders while the Troll Juggernaut will make quick work of any ships that you cross.