New Stormwind Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 6

New Stormwind Starting Base


- Destroy everything
- Teron must Survive


You begin this level in the bottom right portion of the map; much like the last level you're going to want to focus on building Guard Towers as soon as humanly possible to fend off the Gryphon Rider attacks. Use Teron's Deathcoil on the first few waves of gryphon attacks but once the enemy starts sending Paladins your way you'll want to put Teron in the corner out of danger.

Our strategy for this level is a simple but effective one. Straight north of your town before you cross the river you'll find another gold mine with a ton of gold in it. At the start of the game you're going to want to build a second Great Hall here and guard this Great Hall with at least a dozen towers. Put four of five up top at the river crossing and another five to seven leading down the grass on the same side as the lake.

We're going to protect both these Great Halls while very quickly upgrading our Great Hall as far as it can go so we can make Dragon Roosts. Once you can make Dragon Roosts you're going to want to make four of them bad boys and pump out as many Dragons as you possibly can.

New Stormwind Dragon Roosts

Use your army of Dragons to destroy all of the Alliance units outside of their main base and to destroy the Alliance base in the southwest corner of the map. This will stop half of the Gryphon Rider attacks that we've had to deal with so far. It also frees up another gold mine if you need it, although you'll need to blow through the wall with Gnomish Sappers to reach it.

The area just above our northern most base is another location you'll want to take out with your Dragons quickly too - the majority of units up here can't even fight back. Depending on whether or not you're good with Death Knights determines if you should make any. I stuck with a team of entirely Dragons and I used that to take out the Alliance base up north. However, Death Knights are useful for making Skeletons which gets the Paladins to waste their mana on Exorcism instead of healing.

One strategy that works well is to build some towers along the rock wall in the southwestern most portion of this map and wait for the enemies gold mine to run out. When it does, blow a hole in the wall and the enemy will send an endless stream of Peasants down to try to get to that gold mine. Your towers will make short work of them at which point you can use their bodies to raise an endless amount of Skeletons.