Dragons of Blackrock Spire Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 5

Dragons of Blackrock Spire Base


- Capture as many Dragons as possible
- Capture the Dragon Roost nestled high in the mountains


You begin this level in the southwestern most portion of the map; our objective is at the northeastern most corner of the map. As with the previous levels you'll want to build a base focusing entirely on defense first. During this level Gryphon Riders will attack you fairly frequently so you're going to want at least 4 of 5 Guard Towers protecting your town.

The enemy will attack you from the north with mostly Gryphon Riders and from the east with ground units. You don't need as many Guard Towers on your east defense as you do your northern one. I'd recommend building them close enough together too so that they can assist each other when you're attacked from each different direction.

Just north of our town is another gold mine with about 35000G in it, this is our next location for base building once our gold mine runs out. Build one or two Catapults and some Troll Berserkers (get Regeneration for them) so that you can protect the Catapults and take out Gryphon Riders. After you take the area from Alliance and prior to building a Great Hall you'll want to build another four or five towers in this area to protect yourself from Gryphon Riders and attacks from the east.

Dragons of Blackrock Spire Second Base

Now you can take a short breather and build up your forces as well as upgrade them at the Blacksmith and Lumbermill. You're going to want a lot of Troll Berserkers with your land units since we'll need them to take out any Gryphon Riders that attack us. You should also construct two or three Catapults as well to help us in taking out the Alliance towers.

The next place we're going to attack is the gold mine to the east of this location; just south of the Dragon Roost and the Dragons which are our main objective. All you need to do to win this level is send troops up into the area with the Dragon Roost and claim the troops. You can suicide an army of 30 ground units up into this location to finish the level extra quick if desired.