The Rift Awakens Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 4

The Rift Awakens Explored Map


- Destroy the Humans
- Teron must Survive


At the start of this level you're going to have to immediately travel to the west where you'll find an Alliance town. Use your Catapults to take out the towers and then raze the town with your troops. Quickly build a Great Hall, some Farms, a Lumber Mill and then some Guard Towers. I recommend you build your Great Hall above where you see mine in the screen shot that's above. If you build it up as high as you can go hugging the upper wall all attacks will be from the south, making it much easier to defend.

The majority of the initial attacks come from Blue who uses the land bridge - the same one you came from to destroy the town. Sometimes Purple attacks your base from directly south which avoids using the land bridge; Purple attacks much less frequently however. Focus on building up your town, upgrading your Great Hall and upgrading your units.

Note: When the enemy upgrades their Knights to Paladins you will want to hide Teron in the back of your base. Paladins get Exorcism which is an extremely far ranged spell which effects Death Knights and Skeletons. If you bring Teron out to the front lines the Paladins will eat him alive.

When your gold mine runs out there's another gold mine all the way to the south, just north of the Purple base. I'd recommend making a Great Hall nearby but that's it - guard it with some ground units until you finish the gold mine then you'll want to head to the southeast portion of the map (you have to go counter clockwise around the Alliance base in the center to reach it) which is where you will find the final gold mine on this level.

The Rift Awakens Final Gold Mine

As far as taking out the Alliance base in the center goes, you're going to need to very tactically use Catapults and Ogre-Magi to take out the towers along the defenses while not losing too many units. It'll take a long time to do but it's the only way, a full on assault isn't possible with the amount of resources that are available on this level.