Thunderlord and Bonechewer Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 3

Thunderlord and Bonechewer Base with Towers


- Destroy the Thunderlord Clan
- Destroy the Bonechewer Clan


Start this map by building towers nearby to protect your base. All around you there's troops hidden in the darkness and we're going to be constantly attacked as this level goes on so it's important that we prepare for that as early as possible. I recommend five to seven towers for protecting your base. It's also recommended you keep everything tight cause the further you venture into the darkness the more likely you are to run into a group of enemies.

When you're finally ready to start exploring a bit, use one unit at a time to drag the enemies back to your base to be torn to shreds by your towers. Use my screen shot below and look at the map to learn where all of the enemy units are around the base.

Thunderlord and Bonechewer enemies around base

As you are clearing the area around your base you'll want to make an army of Troll Berserkers with Regeneration (an upgrade at the Lumber Mill). You'll be using these guys to take out the enemies Catapults and to clear the units northeast of our base nearby the gold mine. There's also a gold mine all the way at the bottom southeast corner; plenty of gold from both of these gold mines for you to raise a massive army to take out the enemy.