Skull of Guldan Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 2

Skull of Guldan Base Location


- Recruit Thunderlords
- Destroy Bonechewers
- Rescue Shattered Hand
- Keep All Heroes Alive


You start this level in the top left corner with only a few units. Head south exploring the area as you go, there's a Blacksmith and Lumbermill that you'll discover as you travel south as well as a gold mine - you won't encounter any enemies so long as you don't cross the river to the east.

At the southern most part of this area you'll find a town of Orcs which you'll gain control of. When you do you'll trigger the enemies line of code that tells them to attack you. Build a few more Peons to harvest the gold to the north and the forest (mushrooms) around the base you also will want to prepare yourself for some attacks. The Blacksmith up north and the Lumber Mill may be taken out rather quickly depending on your luck with attacks so if you want to upgrade your units any do so now.

Build at least 5 more Guard Towers to protect your base (one or two up north and three to the east) since we're going to be steadily attacked throughout this entire level. Use the Ogre-Magi's Eye of Kilrog to explore the enemies base and the area surrounding it as you build up your own base. When your gold mine runs out you'll want to build a second base up north; guard this base with a few towers as well.

Skull of Guldan Second Base

Now comes enemy extermination time. Build up an army, Troll Berserkers, Ogre-Magi and Catapults and attack from the north. Use the Catapults to take out the enemy's Guard Towers from a distance and protect them with your land units. It'll be slow going but it's a surefire way to take down the enemy. That's all there is to this level.