The Dark Portal Orc Beyond the Darkness Mission 12

The Dark Portal Start of Level


- Capture the Dark Portal
- Destroy all Humans


What a royal pain in the arse this level is! You begin in the northeastern most corner with many troops at your disposal as well as many different Heroes. The initial goal of ours is to move all of our units to the south - clearing the Alliance towers as we go until we arrive at the gold mine. At this gold mine you will want to build a Great Hall and at least half a dozen towers to protect your town; as you can see in the screen shot above I have 7 towers and an additional one currently being constructed. Truly - there is no such thing as too many towers on this level.

The Alliance are going to attack you throughout this level with wave after wave. Let your towers do the majority of the work and save your ground units for when a Ballista gets close to town. Only build the buildings that you need to upgrade your Great Hall or to create some new troops.

What you want to do is rather straight forward - protect your base from all enemy attacks and upgrade your Great Hall as quickly as possible until you can make Death Knights. We're going to take advantage of the range on the Death Knight's Death and Decay ability to beat this level.

You'll also want to make 5 Dragons as quickly as possible as well; they're great for taking out buildings and ground troops since they can only be hit by a select few units. It won't take long for us to go through our entire gold mine at the base we start at - but you shouldn't worry because once you've made the units I recommend we'll be able to destroy a majority of the Alliances forces without making more.

The Dark Portal Second Base

West of where we made our first base you'll find an additional gold mine; it's located in the center of the blue Alliance base along the stone wall going up through the middle of the map. White and Purple both send dozens of Peasents to this gold mine once theirs runs out so you'll need to seize this gold mine quickly if you plan to make good use of it. You can also use the enemies Peasents to make an army of Skeletons or just to drain their resources quickly as they keep kamikazing Peasents.

Once you're ready to take this gold mine you'll want to build a Great Hall and at least two Guard Towers north of the gold mine and two Guard Towers south. This will help fend off the enemies Peasents as well as Gryphon Riders which are going to be what most commonly attacks us at this location.

The best strategy I can give you for moving forward is to use the gold you get from this mine to make 5 Death Knights, about a dozen Ogre-magi and as many Dragons as you can with whatever gold is left. You're going to want to use the Death Knights to take out the White Alliance and the Purple Alliance bases. Protect them with the Ogre-Magi and destroy all you see with Death and Decay.

The Dark Portal Hit Squad

Use a Dragon hit squad to fly into the southern of the two islands with blue on it and disable their Town Hall to stop the Peasents from draining it. As an alternative you could also use your Death Knights to do this, if you made a Shipyard down south and some Transports. Get your Death Knights onto the southern end of the island, on the side with the huge stone wall and use Death and Decay from over there. Some of the enemies units can still hit you from over here so don't think you're completely safe, just safer.

After you knock out the Town Hall you can take your time with the rest of the map. You'll be waiting quite a lot for your Death Knight's mana to recharge so expect things to be really slow going. Use all remaining gold on Dragons to attack the northern island with blue. Save at least a little bit of gold so that you can make it to The Dark Portal with at least one ground unit.