Alterac Orc Beyond the Dark Portal Mission 10

Alterac Base Location


- Destroy the enemy human settlements
- Rescue the Mage from Alterac and return him to the Circle of Power


You begin this level in the northwestern corner of the map with quite a few troops at your disposal but no gold mine. To the far south is where you will find the gold mine on this level and we're going to have to use our initial troops to travel south and seize control of it. Use the map in my screen shot above to figure out where the gold mine we want to capture is located.

Just west of this gold mine is a small Alliance town with another, larger, gold mine in it. Depending on how good you are/lucky you might be able to capture the gold mine in this Alliance town with the troops you currently have. If you can at least destroy the Alliance's town hall for now that's good enough since it stops them from lowering the gold count of the mine.

A tip, if you're unable to capture the gold mine the Alliance control immediately or destroy their town hall then save your troops and don't even bother trying to capture it until you've created a small base, a barracks and make more units and you're positive you're able to do it. If you do it this way then the Alliance will steal less of the gold mine overall since you won't have to stand around waiting so long for enough troops to be made to attack it.

Once you gain control of this second gold mine you're going to have to go on the defensive since the red Alliance team likes to attack you frequently during this level. They come from the north and almost exclusively attack your southern base. What I recommend you do is build towers along the northern river/land bridge that we crossed to find these gold mines and also to the west on the same side of your base that the Alliance town we destroyed is on.

Alterac Second Base Location

Explore the entire map as soon as possible so you can keep an eye on what your enemy is doing. As you can see in my screen shot above their base is in the northeastern most portion of the level. Throughout this level they will send an occasional Peasant out and try to capture one of them any gold mines throughout the level. In my game, they tried to capture the gold mine that I am currently located at. Thus I chose this location to build my second base and to take out their second base.

At this point you can quickly win the level by using this method... Construct two Barracks, two Temple of the Damneds and two Dragon Roosts. Build 5 Dragons at each roost, 5 Death Knights at one Temple of the Damned and at the other Temple of the Damned set it to Auto Upgrade. With both of the Barracks make Ogre-Magi which you'll want to upgrade using the Altar of Storms building too.

Your strategy for taking out the enemy is simple, use the Death Knights Death and Decay ability to destroy all towers from a distance and protect the Death Knights using the Ogre-Magis. The Dragons are useful for taking out the loads of ground troops across the map and whatever part of the city you don't tear apart with your Ogres.

After you take out the Alliance town all that's left is to build a Shipyard and a Foundry at the southern most portion of the map and then an Orc Transport. Send a few units across the water to claim the Mage and then send him to the Circle of Power in the far northwestern corner where we started this level to finally win the scenario.