Threads of Fate CodeBreaker/Gameshark Codes

This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for Threads of Fate for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker/Gameshark device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide.


Max Monster Coin Codes


Unlimited HP: 8009B368 03E7

Unlimited MP: 8009B36A 03E7

Max HP: 8009B36C 03E7

Max MP: 8009B36E 03E7

Unlimited Money: 8009B2D8 FFFF

00:00:00 Play Time: 800A7AA0 0000

Max Strength Bonus: 8009B378 03E7

Max Defense Bonus: 8009B37E 03E7

Double Jump: 800A8BE0 0000
Keep Pressing X.

Start In Final Area: 8009B2F0 00FF

Have Max Bronze Coins: 3009B3A0 0063

Have Max Silver Coins: 3009B3A1 0063

Have Max Gold Coins: 3009B3A2 0063

Have Max Platinum Coins: 3009B3A3 0063

Have Max Night Stones: 3009B3A4 0063

Have Max Moon Stones: 3009B3A5 0063

Have Max Star Stones: 3009B3A6 0063

Have Mysterious Statue: 3009B3A7 0001

Have The Last Hero: 3009B3A8 0001

Have Brooch: 3009B3A9 0001

Have Rare Wine: 3009B3AA 0001

Have Legendary Sword: 3009B3AB 0001

Have Legendary Helmet: 3009B3AC 0001

Have Legendary Shield: 3009B3AD 0001

Max Red Dream Stones: 3009B3AE 0063

Max Blue Dream Stones: 3009B3AF 0063

Max Black Dream Stones: 3009B3B0 0063

Mint Has All Magic: 8009B2C4 FFFF


Have All Items

50000902 0000
8009B3A0 6363


Max Money

8009B2D8 967F
8009B2DA 0098


Max Strength

8009B370 03E7
8009B372 0000


Max Defense

8009B374 03E7
8009B376 0000